Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Medal of Honor For Me...Sigh

I was super excited for Medal of Honor this week, all the previews looked great and I really had this game hyped up, which... can be a bad thing.

But like all games I buy, I normally read/watch game reviews from several game sites/magazines before I purchase it. Just to get an idea of what the gaming world thinks of the game.

What I found was a market that really wasn't jumping on the Medal of Honor band wagon. Gripes, bugs, balance, frame rate, dull, repetitive. A wide variety of negative reviews, but something wasn't right.

From what I got from all the sites, they all couldn't agree on what was the bad thing in the game. One site said the single player campaign was great with a solid story and another site said that it had a weak campaign with a rehashed story. The graphics looked great while another said the graphics doesn't stand up to others games.

The multiplayer will be over before you know it compared to, the multiplayer will keep you busy for a long time. Lots of option, to very few options.

The game is 4 hrs long, the game is 7 hrs long.

Is everyone on crack?? Make up your fucking minds!! So short of all the complaints that they can't seem to agree upon, the overall census is that,"Its a good game, not great but by no means bad"

For me that doesn't sit too well. I don't have the money to buy a boat load of games, so I have to make a purchase that I feel will be good about and there are other games out there that I rather play than some mediocre game.

I'm sure the game is fine and stop comparing it too Battlefield and COD and take it for what it is. A FPS war shooter. Unfortunately with all this nonsense, it knocks this game down a few notches on my must play games.

So instead of getting MOH I picked up game of the year editions Borderlands and Uncharted 2. Great price for what you are getting. Medal of Honor will have to wait, perhaps for a game of the year edition?


Jay MacEachern said...

Personally I find it funny that the one game that comes out in competition to COD has some of the strangest reviews on the web. Even funnier is that every site that bashes it, loves COD.

Medal Of Honor: 6.0
COD MW2: 9.6

Game Informer:
Medal Of Honor: 7.0
COD MW2: 9.75

And almost every site is the same that gives MOH bad reviews. I know it has some issues with it, but none of them are game breakers. However when you compare the scores that these sites give there is no way the CODMW2 was that much of a better title. It's multiplayer was by far the worst ever for online issues in the FPS category. In my opinion the review system is going down the drain just as the movie ones did years ago.

Adam Timmins said...

Medal Of Honor had a great approach to the "Modern Warfare" genre of games it was a huge disappointment to alot of people because a 4 hour campaign on Normal is just not worth it along with multiplayer that is more or less an exact duplicate of other Battlefield games.
I knew this game was going to fail from the beginning because EA are chasing a pointless and unbeatable race. I really hope that that dont screw up Battlefield 3 like they did with Medal Of Honor.

Blake said...

Hey Adam Timmins, what is the address to your gameblog TIM TIM games. The link I had posted doesn't work anymore, did you move the site, close it down?

Anyways, just let me know so I can giver a fix upper. thanks

BattleField 3 should be epic, just add on to what they already have and MEATCAKES!!!

Adam Timmins said...

Changed it so a few friends could join :)