Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FireFall Update

So after seeing this video I had to go look up more info about this game. Here is what I found out so far.

- Team based Action Shooter
- Open world, persistent game
- The game is a Cooperative Teambased Shooter, not an MMO
- F2P game with micro-transactions/cash shop
- The game will be released world wide
- Large, streaming world
- The game is an action oriented shooter with some MMO and other genre elements mixed in.
- Obvious Influence from Starship Troopers, Planetside, Tribes.
- Game is physics and skill based, twitch based game
- Game will be accessible to all, however, it won’t reduce the challenge
- There will be PvE as well as PvP
- The Wiki Wacker is the official drink of Firefall
- They are planning to release Firefall at the end of 2011.
- It will be available online for download and play for absolutely free.
- No subscription to play
- How they plan to make money on the game: plan to offer a marketplace for Firefall that will offer players items to enhance their gaming experience.
- Assault, Medic archetype are annonced, there will be other Battleframes later, in the video there are packs for the Recon and Robotics, two classes that have yet to be announced.
- No dice roll for attacks, it’s pure shooter mechanics
- Primary weapon: Assault Rifle: Infinite Ammo, can be upgraded
- Primary weapon: Plasma gun, AoE based attack, can be upgraded
- Primary weapon: Sniper Rifle (what looks to be) in the video, unsure about ammo, probably can be upgraded
- All guns have limited ammo excluding the Assault Rifle which is infinite ammo
- Crater: AoE aerial-based attack
- All weapons, armour can be upgraded with a module based system
- Guns have recoil
- Medics have a healing gun, which looks like a stream of healing, equivalent to Team Fortress 2 medic gun.
- Medics have a healing grenades as alt-fire
- Loot drops from monsters on death and can be picked up (not sure on the rolling system )
- You can upgrade your backpack which controls your abilities and some guns.
- Loot is currently FFA and only your team can see it, no rolling system in yet
- There is no, and will be no cover system in Firefall, it's Run n' Gun
- Jetpacks are energy based. much like in Global Agenda and Tribes
- There are two separate hitboxes (i.e head, body), headshots do bonus damage
- Bullets may be affected by gravity, they are still working on it to decide what is better
- There is class armour and not specific types of armour, it can all be customized with modules to adjust stats
- You can change your class in the player hub, however, your level applies to one battleframe
- Thumpers attract enemies because they make a lot of noise
- Ability: Shockwave - A (what looks like) a 180 degree frontal attack, the power seems to diminish as it moves along. IT is charged by the backpack and seems to take 3 to 5 seconds to charge, whether it must be fully charged to be used or can be used in shorter, but weaker bursts is unknown.
- Equipment??: There looks to be a sort of glider attachment in the video, whether that is a part of the backpack or a form of transportation via NPCs, I don't know.
- Vehicle: There is a armoured vehicle in the recruitment video (00:08 to 00:10) whether it is a combat oriented vehicle is unknown and the name of the vehicle is unknown.
- Weapons: We now know that currently there is a weapon stock melee attack
- There is in combat and out of combat sprinting
- Battleframes have signature weapons, i.e. the Plasma Cannon is the signature weapon of the Assault class.
- Vehicles are connected to Army 'Tech Trees' and can be called down
- All weapons have an alt-fire mode, or at least a zoom in/aim
- Module: Salvaged/Epic Rate of Fire Module, perhaps it increases the rate of fire and/or reloading time? We now know a module can modify one or both these things.
- Module: Regeneration Module, perhaps it can allow for in combat regeneration or increased passive regeneration
- Module: Epic Speed Module, perhaps it boosts running speed
- There is a party system, no confirmation on a raid system yet
- Dynamic events, where things will happen with/without player intervention
- Towns can be under siege by the Chosen, it happens during random times and may or may not happen if other events around the world occur.
- Towns can be taken by the NPC faction if players don’t defend it, but can be retaken with missions.
- Thumper mission: Mining resource called ‘Crystite’ which allows of updating of weapons, etc. It can be dropped anywhere in the world.
- Dredge: One of the player hubs.
- ‘Melding Titan’ is a large boss type mob who can attack cities, normal guns do not work in killing it, you must use turrets and so on to inflict damage.
- There is collision detection
- Equipment changes character appearance.
- Two dropdown types shown in the video: Request Support from Your Army, Calls down a Thumper for Mining Operations
- There are player owned vehicles, one noted so far is the hover bike in the video.
- There are passive NPC mobs
- There are mountable weapons (i.e. Cannon, etc), whether they can be player built or not is unsure
- Most likely there will be a day and night cycle

There is alot of info out there apparently, click here to go directly to their website and sign up for the beta. So it looks to be PC only currently, which is nothing wrong with that.