Thursday, October 7, 2010

Demo Day

Had to catch up on all the demos that came out over the past 3 weeks. So lets begin this demotastic dive.

Deadliest Warrior
This is obviously geared towards the 14-21 year old males who love the show Manswers on Spike. This game is what you would expect based off a testosterone hype TV show. The graphics are crappy, the blood splatter is downright silly, Its looks like they got into a paint fight. The moves are cheap as hell and I can see spending any time with this game someone could spam a certain move over and over while playing online and just make this game no fun. Its already no fun, this game ...I don't see the appeal. Try the demo and toss it in the bin.

Alien Breed:Impact I don't know if this is the same Alien Breed from Steam. On there it was free for a while and then it was $4. So I say try the demo, if you like it and if you have a PC get it on steam for half the cost. I really enjoyed this top down shooter, it looks great, its fun and the first thing that came to min was, "It looks ten times better than Starwars the clone wars, republic heroes" I really enjoyed this little game and I may pick it up. Which version, Steam, PS3 is still unknown.

Castlevania-Lords of Shadow
I want this game, if there ever was a castlevania game to own. Then this game is it. I did plan on getting it, but then I realized that Medal of Honor and Starwars Force Unleashed 2 was coming out in the same month and I can't afford 3 full priced games in 1 month. So this one will have to sit back and wait. Really fun, very God of Waresque.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Another top down shooter but with puzzles and spelunking(cave diving) added. It was a really fun game with bullets and spears and jumping and swinging. The only thing is that I am not a Lara Croft/Tomb raider fan. I never was, I just wasn't a fan of the franchise. Doesn't mean that this is a bad game in anyway, it just doesn't tickle my fancy. To make it a impulse buy $14.99 doesn't do it for me.

Swords and Soldiers
This was really surprising. Its a RTS of sorts, but its a side scroller. I have never seen a game like this. My only guess is that its like Plants Vs Zombies, but I have never played that either, I can only compare it from what I read and videos. But this was really fun, it reminded me alot of pixeljunk monsters in regards to pick up and play and have a great time. This is one that I seriously would like to get at some point. And at $9.99 it seems well worth the money.

My Sims - Sky Heroes
Think Modnation Racers but Airplanes. I literally spent 25 min creating my character and my plane, there were alot of options in the demo. So I can only imagine that the full game will have a ton more and I enjoy making my own little me in almost any game. Once you get into play, YUP!! Its a dog fighter and racer with planes. It was really fun and cute, a great game for you and your kids. I can't see anything wrong with this title. Its just as fun as any other racer game out their. Fun for the whole family.

Blade Kitten
This game is everything that I hate about Anime. I'm a girl but I have cat ears and tail coming outta my ass and big floaty sword that I can command with my mind? my tech gear? Telekinesis? her farts? I don't know and it doesn't tell you why because like all crazy games like this you have to take alot of it for face value and accept it. Its weird cause this game even though its a side scroller, it made me sick. I don't know if its the psychedelic colors or camera shifts, but it made me nauseated. I didn't like this game on any level, the look, the feel,...booo.. I don't like anime. (Well that's not true..I like a small portion of anime. Hate 60% Ok 20% Like10% Really Like 8% Love 2%)

This is a game that just doesn't do it for me. It reminds me of Prince of Persia. The game looks great, it plays well, there's really nothing bad I can say about it. It just doesn't do it for me. It be unfair for me to even say anything about this game. Go play the demo and decided for yourself, you will either like it, love it or like me and just pass on it. AGAIN, doesn't mean its a bad game, it just doesn't do anything for me.

Worms 2 - Armageddon
I haven't played a worms games in years and jumping into this one it felt like I didn't miss much. Its still worms but with more options to kill your opponent. It works on a formula if its not broke don't mess with it. Its great to play with yourself to get used to the new weapons but it was made to play against people online. That's where this game gets interesting. Its a nice touch up job and you know what you are getting into with this title.

There we go for some nice demos, Castlevania and Alien Breed did the sell for me. I would really like to own both those games based of the demo alone. Next Demo day is gonna be all sports games.