Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Captain America Gets His Own Game

Well this is coming out (of course) when the movie releases next year but we are told that this one isn't based off the movie. Its his own stand alone movie, new story etc with only the time period that the movie is based on being shared.

Do I have high hopes for this game?!!..Hell No, I fully expect this game to be a over priced piece of turd. You can only cry wolf so many times when the consumers hear "Movie" games followed by a loud groan.

Its already not sounding very promising. For one, they say that they have a great writer on board to help make a great narrative to make it more compelling for the gamers and fans. But we already know that they brought in one of the better Iron man writers for the Iron man games and looked how well they turned out. Good writing can't save a game alone, its an important part, but if a game is broken, its broken.

Next, its done by Sega. Now I have a soft spot for Sega but by god its about time they turned their act around. They made both of the Iron man Games and they were laughable bad. Now they are making Captain America with a Thor one in the works.

Its not looking very good. We all know the track record of games that get released with their movie counterpart. Prepare yourself for mediocrity or dismal gameplay or both.