Tuesday, September 21, 2010

T.Hawk You Cheap Bastard

So I am slowly going through Super Street Fighter 4 and finishing all the story modes of all the characters. There are the characters like Makato that I have to go back and do again because apparently she handles like that old woman in the handicap zone.

Then there are characters that when fighting against with a particular character just results in a head bashing time. Like Rock, Paper, Scissors or Fire Pokemon vs Grass Pokemon. There seems to always be something that is very effective against a certain type.

In this case I was playing as El Fuerte and doing pretty well until I met T.Hawk. It resulted in a battle that was just as effective has trying to light a fire on top of water. I couldn't do anything, it seemed every move I did he had a counter 4.

So to help me explain this, Blosh was nice enough to demonstrate some of these moves that just kept pummeling me again and again and again.

Here we see T.Hawk preforming the Tomahawk Buster, leaping into the air when I even try to jump towards him. Which just sends me back on my ass. It would make sense if I was playing on Hard or super hard but this was medium. If I did manage to get close to him which was also a horrible thing, then I was met with his other annoying move.

So I figure I'm not going to jump towards him with my special moves, I will instead do my running grabs or slide along the ground to get to his feet. But Aaaaapppparently, if you get within any distance of him he does the Mexican Typhoon. He grabs you and spins you around and around and slams you into the ground. It takes a shit load of life away from you, if he catches you with this, it takes almost a 1/4 of your life away.

I couldn't do anything, he would grab me in mid move, if I slid in he grab me, he catch me in mid air. I could not get near him because it always resulted in getting grabbed. I'm running outta ideas here as to how to attack him. (yes, if I had fireballs, I be spamming the shit outta them about now)

So I try to sit back and do little pot shots, or the only one that would reach anyway. No jumping, no going in close for El Fuerte grab moves. Just crouching in the corner and tap, tap, tap. But nope, can't do that. What he does is jump into the air, and Condor Dive towards me to close the distance and then do his stupid grab moves. God dammit.

It seemed that all his moves countered or superseded mine. Yes, I could do the El Fuerte counter air move when he Condor Dives in, but it seemed that his move trumped mine, regardless of who did theirs first.

It was a long and frustrating battle and I hate that frikken feather wearin ding bat. 1 hr and 36 min I finally get past what should have been no more than 2 min long. What did I learn from this? IF you want to counter El Fuerte and make it look like you are fighting new born babies, then T.Hawk is your man. Or perhaps I just suck that bad! But I like to think that I could take newborn baby.

What's that baby? MERCY!!???
I don't believe in MERCY!!!!(kicks newborn baby in the nads-{its a boy baby})