Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bioshock Infinite

The first gameplay for Bioshock Infinite came out recently and it's looking mighty good.

Now, I love theses alternate timelines. My only problem with the previous Bioshock games is that I have to force myself a lot to ACCEPT these universes. They are so remote from the period they are supposed to be set in that it requires effort from me. So I guess that makes immersion in this universe less natural.

Same goes for Infinite. It's way too hard for me to believe that the time's technology could produce a floating city of this kind. And that the people would behave as such. BUT ... I love the way it looks!

Anyway, the gameplay looks fairly similar to the Bioshock franchise except with less radio-talk and people behind glass. Which was starting to get on my nerves. So that's a good move.

I love the mechanical horse at the beginning!
The lady looks odd though. Her proportions are weird.