Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sick Games

So I haven't posted in a while cause I haven't been feeling well, been pretty much computer free for almost 4 days, Got myself a case of the Food-n-poisoning, yum. So sitting in front of a computer isn't too pleasant or comfortable, but I am starting to feel better today.

So to stick with the theme of sickness, here are some "sick" titles.

Amateur Surgeon, yep...never heard of it. But I am aware of adult swim and they have some pretty funny stuff. So I can only imagaine what you get by playing this. If I was any kind of really game reviewer, I go look this up and talk about it and post links...........but I'm not. So lets just be happy with, amateur surgeon - like Operation but with questionable laughing.

How is Poledance Hero sick? It sick, like how the cool kids today say things are sick. If I have to break it down to our generation, this is Rad, man!! or Bad (the black Micheal Jackson, not that other thing) and Tubular to the Max, but edging on the 90's. So yeah, its like that....I play that for a Dollar. (If you get that reference then you have come to the right place, if not. Please turn your computer off now.

Finally, taking care of sick pets. I bet you they don't have cleaning up vomit from the carpet or clean up the pee puddle before some slips and falls?! Or better yet, "what's that hanging out of the dogs ass?!"

There you go, some games to tide you over on a sick day, enjoy.


YAGRS said...

"So yeah, its like that....I play that for a Dollar."

RoboCop, right? Or must I shut down my computer?

Blake said...

ding ding ding ding, tell'em what he's won Bob!!

Yagrs has won a entire bed set made with real wood and flannel pressed sheets.

(bed set may be just a picture, not even a real picture but a drawing, not even a good drawing)

Thank you for playing:)

YAGRS said...

Sweet, no more sleeping on the floor for me.

I mean, I can even sleep on a drawing, so it's no longer technically the floor, right?