Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World - PSN

Okay, back from the land of food poisoning and try to getting back to feeling normal. There's nothing like getting back to normal than fighting evil ex boyfriends with laser powers.

I am not familiar with the comic book and have only seen the trailers for the movie, so I am not a Scott Pilgrim fan by no means. But that does not mean I am not interested in this great looking game, and that's what got me really noticing it. Its done in the classic 16 bit style graphics, which for a old school gamer such as myself, really makes a great selling point.

So besides being pretty to look at, this is really a fun and HARD game. You have the option to play this by yourself or you can play with up to 4 other people co-op. That's what really makes this game fun, co-op!!

Yes, there is lots of chaos on the screen when all the enemies are there and all four players doing flashy maneuvers, so its gets a little chaotic and you can lose track of where you are on the screen. The game really does get easier with more people playing, more of a chance of getting revied or helping out in a jam. But like other co-op games, if you are playing with a item hog.(You know who I am talking about, that person that after all the items have exploded from the enemy frantically runs around and grabs all the items first, leaving no or the crappy items for everyone else)

Well this game fixes that by giving the game a lend system, so if greedy Mcgee there has taken all the money and is now sitting pretty with $150 bucks while everyone else has 17 dollars to their name. You can easily press circle and share the money up fairly easily. If the person still doesn't want to share, then kick them in ballz or vagina.

Overall, its a really fun side scroller beatem up with RPG elements thrown in to keep it interesting. If you are having problems getting past a certain boss, then go back to a easier level and level up some more, upgrade strike, defense, etc.

It was a pretty fun game and can easily be beaten in a couple hrs. But you can still go back and unlock extra tidbits that are pretty entertaining, for example. There is a dark character that appears on the map every now and then, if you beat him. Then this person becomes a 5th playable character.

My only quip with the game is when you are playing with friends and lets say you get to world 4 and want to call it a day. So all your buddies are all around level 7-9, so you save and quit. When you start up the game again the next day, the game only saves the player one stats. Everyone else is back to level 1. Kinda makes it hard to start where you left off in world 4 when all the characters except yours are at level 1.

The only way around this is to play all the characters in the single player and level them up individually and then when people join in they can select the already leveled up characters. But this takes the fun outta of it, so I guess the game is meant to be played in one sitting.

Besides that one annoying hitcha-mgoo, the game is a great little time waster. Is it worth $14.99? maybe, depends if side scroller beat em ups are your thing. I got my enjoyment outta it and makes for a great games with friends.


Kelli said...

I watched my hubby play this demo a couple weeks back, I ain't gonna lie I loved side scrolling games , and it is nice to see it brought back. I won't be paying 14.99 for this game though, but I will pay 1.00 for the movie when it comes out in the redbox :)

YAGRS said...

This is my type of game. It's great to see a throwback to the beat-em-ups of the 16 bit era. I have over 1200 Microsoft points sitting in my account right now. If this is on Xbox Live (I'm assuming it is), then I might have to buy it.