Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Masters of the Universe Games

This just got me thinking after I finished my He-man doodles. This was once a big franchise of the 80's. Equal to Transformers, G I Joe, TMNT. But after the games jumped to NES, SNES, SEGA, etc, the games for these systems didn't exist.

I've looked and besides fan made games, there aren't any official Masters of the Universe games. Why not? Is it because no one knows how to handle it? Are they waiting for the next movie so they can make some lame ass game tie-in( I have my money on this one)

There are so many colorful characters and story lines, Heck! I be happy with a Lego Masters of the Universe game. But as far as I know all the games have been on everything prior to the NES.

Here we have it on the Intellivision, which I never played. Just the same 4 or 5 stages over and over, great back in 83.

Now we have He-man on the Commodore 64, which back then was mind blowing. I think the music would drive me batty.

And another C64 game, this time based of the movie with Mr Dulpf or Dulf Duffy. Looks simple enough.

As oppose to going back and fixing my entire post, I figure I keep it real. While I was looking for more video games videos. I found what looks like a video game based of the most recent cartoon show. It looks ....well it looks, make your own assumptions. I really don't remember anything about this.


Edward said...

I would love to see a new movie and a new game for He-Man!

YAGRS said...

Those C64 games just look . . . bad. That said, I probably would have wanted to play them, had I owned a C64 back in the day. The last game looks playable. I may look it up on Gamespot.

It is surprising that there weren't any NES or Genesis Masters of the Universe games. Perhaps it wasn't as hot a property in the late '80s. There would have been a wealth of characters to use in the game, though.

This makes me wonder about Thundercats games. To my knowledge, none were released (probably another thing to check at Gamespot).

gnome said...

Lovely post and a triplet of games I have never actually played.