Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Play the PS3 Move

I didn't buy the move, but Jay over at BeatFreaker did. So me and Ian(Rowan) went over one night to get first impressions. When you hear about it all over the net, you hear conflicting reports that its just a glorified wiimote and its not responsive or its is. Well all I can talk about is how it worked for me.

First off, Jay picked up the bundle which came with a Move controller, a PS3 eye and the Sports game which as gladiator, archer and 4 more games and traded in a old PS3 controller for a $20 discount for a total of $80. It would have been $100 without the trade in. He also went out and got a second move controller because they say that its best experienced with 2 controllers.

So we started out with archery and watching Jay play it did look like any other Wii game with the Wii mote. But once you get it in your hands, holy cow is it ever NOT a Wii remote. This thing is so responsive almost the point of fault. It picks up on every little movement, so where you can do wild or little cheating motions with the wii remote and get results. The Move interprets your actions clearly and with precision.We followed this up with Gladiator which when compared with Wii boxing, holy cow. They don't even fall in the same category. Swings, left and right, high and low and blocking is all matched to a T. But if you get excited and start wilding swing around really fast then of course the Move looks at you like your a retard and goes"What the hell are you trying to do" If you hit like a girl, then it will show you hitting like a girl. Unlike the Wii, strength of how hard your character hits in the game, depends on how hard you swing your arm. You can try and cheat it, and fail horribly.

I remember when I first tried the wii and I liked it, but after I found out I could sit and tap the controllers back and fourth in boxing, I didn't get up and pretend to be boxing in the stance. This is where the move differs, you HAVE to stand up, you have to weave and dodge and swing with force.

We followed all this up the rest of the sports games and played a bunch of demos. All of which were very entertaining and while playing Eyepet, we made a plane out of a dick and balls. Our eyepet proceeded to climb on the plane while the dick spun around and around like a propeller and the dick plane took off with out little eye pet happy as can be riding it.

There was another gameshow game, which reminded me Buzz. You can put your face on the characters using the PS3eye and that too was funny as hell and really entertaining. Alot of the games were all much like this, really fun with a group of people and that's where the PS3 Move ends for me.

The tech of the move is undeniable, its responsive, its clear, its concise and as much as you want to try and cheat with it. It stops and says,"play it right you turd" For anyone who is saying different, I really can't agree at all. The tech is solid and amazing, it really blew my mind with how well it works.

What I don't like, are the selection of games. Sure they are fun with a group of people and I can see some games playing much like a game of solitaire is fun for those down times. But there is nothing currently out for the Move that would make me go,"I have to own this game with the move!"

I gave Jay the Gold Edition of RE5 to see how well it translates with the move, haven't heard back yet. It says that Socom and Killzone 3 are must have move games. Really? I will wait and see, but I must say that it is very promising. But currently I am not interested in the move with the current selection of games.

Also having played with 2 move controllers, its almost pointless to play with just one. All the games worked brilliant with 2 controllers, and to have just one???well,t would seem lacking. The gladiator, striking with one stick and blocking with the other. Archery has pulling the bow and arrow with both controllers. Table tennis works well with one controller, but over all it does seem very clear that most of these games are meant to be used with 2 controllers. For me its like I be losing out, they say you don't have use 2, but it really does make a difference.

In the end and overall, I really enjoyed playing with the move. But at this current state it still feels like a gimmick with a selection of Wii type games. I CAN see potential, but how Sony handles this, is left to be seen. I look forward to that game that makes me go,"I have to get this". Untill then, I am cool with the way things work.

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Big D said...

Great review! I have been looking hard at the Move and it does seem much better than the wiimote.

But yeah $150 bucks for the setup with an extra controller is a little steep. Then if you want both players to have 2, you need 4. That's $200 of just controllers!

I would really like to try it but I might wait till closer to x-mas and hope a good bundle or sale happens.