Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spoilers: Game Endings

Here are some endings to games that you may or have not seen.

X-men Arcade, the amount of quarters to finish this in the arcade would have been ridicules. This guy beats the game in under 10 min, but I'm sure this is a emulator which really doesn't do the game justice. I never understood Colossus power in this game. Skip to 8:30 to start ending.

Final Fantasy 1 for the NES,Good lord, 4 min of this?! I don't remember it being so boring.

Mega Man for the NES, I was pretty happy with the ending to this game. So much trial and error and daunting fights. It was glorious.

Sewer Shark for the Sega CD, this was my first game for the system. At the time I loved the game, looking back on it now. Well, I don't know what I was thinking.

Bubble Bobble for the NES, I loved this game. Its still great to pick up and play even today.

Tazmania for the Sega Genesis, yup you fight a giant gull at the end. Can't really say much beyond that.

Batman Returns for the NES. I can honestly say that I never beat this game. It was a frikken hard game. But again, most NES games were brutal.

Mortal Kombat 2 Ending for the SNES, this is what I liked about fighting games. Each character had its own ending. Granted, some fighting games had real lame endings, but for its time, this was ok.


YAGRS said...

I played through the X-Men arcade game with a couple of friends back in the early nineties. After we beat the game and the ending began to play, one of my friends hit one of his buttons, which caused the end sequence to quit and the game to begin again. I was not a happy man that day.

Blake said...

Holy Hoth Ballz!! I think I would have one less friend that day. Meaning I would grind his bones to feed my dragon or something along those lines.