Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madden 11 - What's Happening?

So Madden 11 was released recently and its all over the sites, podcast, etc. I recognize that it is a very popular game and sells well. But I have a few comments and question.

I don't understand Football, at all. I know what a pig skin is, I know there are line backers, quarter back, touchdown, field goal, tackle, fumble, Steelers, Dolphins, redskins, pirates, cowboys, interception, lasers, dinosaurs and of course Ninja zombies!. Ok, so some of those I made up, but you be hard pressed to pick those out!

In Canada, Football is not as popular has in America, Canada is a Hockey Country and I could tell you inside and out what that is all about. I'm not a sports fan by no means, but I do enjoy following the Stanley cup playoffs. So growing up with hockey on TV and playing hockey on the frozen ponds and road hockey. Its something that I have encountered here and there growing up, so there is that little hint of hockey/sports fan that is there. Not much..but its there a tiny weeny bit.
So I was wondering do I have to grow up with Football to like it? Because right now, I currently have no interest in Football on TV or in game form. But I was wondering if I knew the rules, would I like? Understanding how to play it, does it make it more enjoyable? But I understand how golf is played and I still don't like that, but I do enjoy Hotshots Golf series.

Even if I wanted to understand Football, Canada has there own league which has different rules then the NFL, so that just confuses me even more. But from what I understand from what I have read so far about Madden 11, it is made simpler for the average player. That does appeal to me, but I would like to try it to at least have an idea of what its about.

I played Fifa 10 for crying out loud and I enjoyed my brief time with that. It was straight forward and I knew what was happening. I kinda want that same experience from a NFL game. I will see if there is a demo I can try and come back with my thoughts.

I don't even know if the images I have up are off the madden 11, that's how ignorant I am of the game. This is not an attempt to shit on the game, I just don't know anything about it and want to expand my gaming knowledge.


Kelli said...

After I learned the game of football I started to like it as well as golf, and soccer. Maybe you should watch a game of football with a friend who likes football and have him explain the game to you, that's pretty much what I did, and then I was challenging my brother in Madden feeling all excited because I know the game. It's worth a shot you never know you might want to play pro :)

Jay MacEachern said...

Football is in many ways likely the military with each play running similar to commands. Unlike most other sports football completely relies on the person next to you doing their job. Unfortunately translated into the game world can be overwhelming at first. New season is start in October. You are more than welcome any Sunday buddy to catch one!

Blake said...

oh good lord, can I cheer for the penguins!