Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rock Band or Band Hero

My kid would like a musical type game set up. The plan is too get it for his PS3. His first comment was to get Rock Band. So off I went to get a set, but all I could find was the Beatles Rock Band. He doesn't know who the Beatles are, so it be kind of pointless. I just wanted a generic set, regular songs and what not.

So in my search this weekend, I came across Band Hero for $79.99. Half the price of Beatles Rock Band. But upon further inspection, I came across some tidbits. Speaking with people at the store, it appears that Rock Band is the superior set up. While Band Hero (I'm told) is more kid friendly, with songs from Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift but it is compatible with all the Guitar Hero games. So its just the initial 63 songs that it comes with that are apparently goodie two shoes.
But the kid wasn't interested in that song selection and I don't blame. But it's HALF price, that's a great deal. So I asked my kid are you sure that you don't want Band Hero? and he was positive he didn't want anything to do with Hannah Montana.

But then came the shot that sunk the ship. I saw who was responsible for Band Hero...DUM DUM DUM.. ACTIVISION.

I consider myself a smart consumer and I said before I don't like Activision and refuse to buy anything they make. For anyone who knows me have seen my 3 plus shelf's filled with Transformers and to NOT have current Transformers game ,War for Cybertron and I still haven't purchased it. I have standards and until Activision changes theirs I won't be touching anything done by them.

So with that, I felt better about walking away from a good deal. I will gladly pay full price to EA Rockband than give a cent to Activision. So I heard that Rockband 6 will be coming out this October, hopefull I will be able to get that one for him. Hopefully!


Jay MacEachern said...

Having played both Rockband is by far the superior title. Better instruments, song selection and the new version coming out this fall will also teach you real music with the new "Pro" mode appearing.

I would fully recommend Rockband over the hero series in a heart beat.

Big D said...

Good job! Yay Rock Band, Booo Activision!

Kim said...

Go for RockBand and then if he wants to pick up BandHero/Guitar Hero games when they are on for cheap (I got Aerosmith Guitar Hero for $10) The instruments are compatible. That said I do prefer the Guitar Hero/Band Hero guitar to the rockband guitar (I have both).
Check out Cash Converters or that other pawn shop near the laundromat on University. That's where I got my set (rather Matt got me my set).

Blake said...

Cool, I did check the cash converters and they sell the set in pieces. I prefer to get him a boxed set as oppose to the second hand unboxed kit.

If it was just for me I wouldn't care, but its a birthday gift. Looks like its going to be a late birthday gift, but eventually.