Friday, August 20, 2010

My Marvel Vs Street Fighter Game

If I were the head honcho in charge of choosing what characters were going to be in the next genre of fighting games from Capcom. Then I would make it Marvel Vs Street Fighter. And the first thing I would do is get rid of all staples. My game wouldn't contain Ryu,Ken, Akuma, Sakura, Sagat or that new old guy- Oh My GOd!! what will people do, now that I taken away there beloved Ken and Ryu?!! Which character will they spam now?! Here is my list with reasons why I would want them.
Spiderwoman - To replace Spiderman who's been in every Capcom Vs game since day one. With a little twist of venom blast I think she make a interesting variation on the Spider character.

Rolento - One of the few characters that doesn't shoot fireballs from his hands or feet but more based on actual weapons. A odd character to play which makes him that much more appealing to me.

Nightcrawler - I love the fast agility and teleporting powers that can create some pretty awesome looking combos, a great hit and run character.

Blanka -A great defensive character when used correctly, unless your playing someone spamming fireballs from across the screen.(you get the feeling I get annoyed with fireball characters?)

Loki - To add some much need magical power of the Gods to the mix, I think loki would make a great addition to the marvel villains.

Charlie -I like Guile, but I like Charlie more. It changes up a staple we've been playing with for ages. I look forward to playing this guy(what am I talking about, this game isn't happening. or is it????.....nope its not!)

Dan - I figured I throw in a fireball(sort of) character so Ryu/Ken users don't have a brain hemorrhage wondering what to do when playing online against others.

Crimson Viper - I like the cut of her Gib. A great new character that is pretty damn playable with great attacks and boobs. I mean boobs.

Captain America - Another character I figure I keep from the old roster. Don't know, something about the classic colors and iconic image he has that I like. Does Canadian a have a Captain Canada? OH yeah, we do....he sucks Goose Ballz.

Oro - For years I thought he had one arm, but apparently he ties one behind his back so he doesn't accidentally kill his opponent when fighting, now that's bad ass. Perhaps If I let Ryu back in ,if he could tie one of his arms behind his back. Go ahead and throw a fire ball now you dirty bastard.

Blackheart - I loved this character when he first appeared in games, his sounds and moves were all pretty cool looking

Blackcat - I think she make a interesting addition to the marvel roster. She could throw cats at her opponents. I honestly don't even know if she has powers or if shes just a girl in a black suit with a grappling gun. I still play her......if you know what I ..not that. get your mind outta the gutter....perverts!!:(

Beast - The strength and speed and agility that is beast could really make for some awesome moves and combos. I've played versions of him in the 3D realm but always seem a little slow. He should quick and powerful.

Balrog - Used correctly and he's a pain in the ass, he can even get around fireballs, but the timing to do this is pretty critical. So smash your opponents into the wall with MR muscles here.

Alex - To substitute Zangeif I figure I throw in another 3rd strike character. I really liked this character but every time I played him in the arcade some dingbat would join and pick Ryu/Ken and kill me. God I hate those two.

Dr Doom - Can't play marvel without badass Doom, not the whiny Doom from the Fantastic 4 movies.

Adon - I really like Adon, I like the look and his move set is very unique with jumps and twist. Jumps one way and hits another. Badass, his voice is annoying, but I'll forgive that.

Juggernaut - My favourite muscle bound goon, hes been in the genre for a long time now and the only thing that I am not happy with is his Super Move. I like the one he has when smashes across the screen, but is about time to give a new Super, how about 2 new supers? He deserves it.

That's it, I know awhile ago I did a list of who I like to see in the new marvel vs capcom game but this is different. A whole new game with 18 characters that i like to see tearing it up on the battle field just from the street fighter and marvel universe. I omitted the lizard this time around due to other characters I like to see more.


Big D said...

Yes yes! I also wouldn't mind seeing Guy, Ibuki, Juri or Deejay too. If they gotta include a Ryu clone, throw everybody off and include Sean from SF 3.

For marvel, I'd pick Doc Ock and one of the alternate universe spidermans, if we gotta include spidey. Then maybe Daredevil or Ghostrider.

Edward said...

On Marvel's side, I definitely would like to see Ghost Rider, Elektra, the Thing, Doc Ock, Elektro, Mysterio, Hawkeye, Mr. Sinister, Dazzler (so hot - and forgotten...), a crazy version of Iceman (that one from when Emma Frost invaded his mind and expanded his powers), Lyja (Human Torch's sexy skrull ex-girlfriend - yeah, I know no one knows her), Cannonball, Bastion.
On Capcom's side, please keep Rose and Crimson Viper and make a grown-up Sakura.