Friday, June 18, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Characters - My Dream Roster

Some characters that I would like to see in the new MvsC3 game. Get rid of some of the staples and replace them with new ones, so here are some of my picks. Wonder if any of them will make it?!

My first pick is a character from the Dark Stalkers series. Jon Talbain was always my favorite character in that roster and I would like to see him make his debut.
My 2nd favorite X-men was Nightcrawler. Fast and Agile, teleport this stick up your butt and call it a day.
Savage and untamed and brutal are words I would use to describe one of the more underrated Spiderman villains, The Lizard. It be great to use unbridled instinct to rip opponents apart.
Sure he made a cameo in the first Marvel Vs Capcom. But I think it about time they gave Thor his own slot to kick ass. Don't all Gods enjoy inflicting pain and suffering?!

They have Mega-man and servbot and Tronbonne. So its about time they brought out the big guns. He make a good boss even, each time you beat him his final form gets more elaborate than the last.
Time to bring in a new female lead, BlackCat. Hell I don't even know what her power is or if she even has one. Perhaps its the power to give comic geeks something to look at while they rub one out. Don't tell me you haven't done it...I know...oh yes....I know.

The plane from 1943, yeah I don't care if its not possible. Make it work damnit, make it work. I'll just be over here waiting with the encouragement stick while you get right on that.

At last and most certainly the least(yes I said that right) Beast. Ferocity and strength combine with agility and speed. Not the Kelsey Grammer Beast either,you give me that I will shit at your face.......AT!!!
And that's my list, will any of them make it. I'm guessing not, but who knows I could get my 1943 plane any minute now. I only had to use my encouragement stick twice so far.


Big D said...

I approve of all of these characters!

Come to think of it why haven't they made it in a MvC game already?? Instead we got crap like Roll, some monkey guy, and ANOTHER version of wolverine.

Blake said...

I think the next one should be called Capcom Vs Wolverines.