Friday, June 18, 2010

TorchLight -PC

I didn't want to write anything about this game till I had finished it completely. But with recent events occurring in the game, I don't see that happening in the near future. But I think that 50 plus hrs should be enough to account for a good representation of what the game is about.

If you are a fan of Diablo and need a new Diablo fix then this is the game for you. The visuals are bright and very stylized and I love it. Its your standard dungeon hunt game with a story tacked on.

You get to choose between 3 characters. A barbarian, a magician and a chick. Each get a pet which can hold more items and fight with you. The girl has guns, clearly the winner. Swords, knives I'm the one with the gun!! You go through countless levels of dungeons doing quest for the towns folks that repeat again and again. But there is enough variety in your character build that it doesn't get stale.

You can upgrade 3 different skill trees and each class share some similarities in each skill tree. So that's kinda of disappointing but by no means a game killer. Combine that with getting new armor and weapons and upgrading them with gems and magic all adds to keeping each level fresh and new.
What really kept me going was that I knew I was getting towards the end and I would soon see the end of the game ....that was until this happened.

When you die in a level it gives you 3 options. Respawn where you died and lose XXXX experience and XXXX money OR respawn at the beginning of the dungeon and lose XXXX money or respawn in town and lose no money or experience.

So from this point on I have always respawned at the beginning of the level because I usually die more than half way into the level. But this one time I died right at the beginning of the level. I entered and got swarmed by a bunch of monsters and died. So I thought it be silly to respawn at the beginning of the dungeon because I am already here. I will just respawn in town and come back through the portal.
(A portal is created every time you go back and forth to town from a dungeon, so its easy to jump back and forth)

What happened is when you choose to go back to town, it closes the portal. IT CLOSES THE FRIKKEN PORTAL!!!!! What does that mean??

I was on level 33 out of 50. In order for me to get back to level 33 I have to start back on level 1 and work my way up to level 33 again. I have to do IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!! All the monsters have returned and they raise in level equal to your stats. So its not like I can breeze through the level because all the monsters are weaker.

So I think, I won't fight, I will just run through each level. This didn't work, you get to points where there are choke paths and there 40-50 monsters on the screen all at the same time surrounding you. Boom, dead... start over ON GOD DAMN LEVEL 1!!!!

This has to be the BIGGEST FLAW in any game!! There should be WARNING!!!! if you choose to go back to town such has,"IF CHOOSE TO GO BACK TO TOWN YOU WILL HAVE TO START FROM DUNGEON 1 WHEN YOU RETURN" . No one in the god given mind would choose to start over in town, why the hell would you do that?!! It has to be the stupidest thing ever.

I was so broken when this happened, I tried to go back and run through the levels, I got to dungeon 2 and said,"FUCK IT...this sucks ballz"

That one thing ruined my overall experience with this game. Besides this one glaring black spot the game is really fun. I bought it for $19.99 on steam but it since has went down to $4.99 which is a steal and well worth every penny regardless of what price you pay for it.

If you want to play this ,then by all means go for it. But please remember NOT TO GO BACK TO TOWN when you die. Lose the money and go back to the start of the dungeon. Its the difference of losing 20-30 min of play and 15-25 hrs of play. My God that doesn't make any sense to me what so ever why they would do that, none at all!


Anonymous said...

I dont know if that has been fixed with recent patches but now you have a purple portal at south of the town so you can choose the level you gained access.

Blake said...

wow, thats pretty sweet, thanks. I'll go back and give it at try and see if I can go back to that point again.