Friday, July 9, 2010

What We Want and What We Get

When I was home recently, I was looking through my old game pro magazines has far back has 1994 and I got a really big kick outta alot of the articles. Especially ones promoting games that turned out to be horrible stinkers. But when the images first came out, all the articles were praising these games has the next big thing since butter. Butter has many uses.

So today, game developers use videos to help promote their games. So here are some videos praising a game that in the end turns out to be utter shit. I must say, they do a good job of lieing , or no body told them what they were actually talking about. Its not the video you are watching, its the dialogue, its priceless!! Pure Gold!!

The trailer alone is enough for Bombad racing.

Trust me, this is broken has hell!

For the most part, just look up a game and there is usually a video accompanying the mess that follows.


Big D said...

Haha, thanks for reminding me why I never watch developer interviews or read "Special First Look" previews any more.

Last one I remember was for Dante's Inferno when they were talking about the last level of the game and how you have to fight every enemy in the game all over again, and how cool it is.

Sorry that's not cool it's fucking terrible, I don't know how they can say these things with a straight face.

Blake said...

Lots of money, or if they don't have money to throw around, they use 5$ whores.