Friday, July 9, 2010

PS3 Breaks Even

Released from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Head, Yoshida stated today that the PS3 has finally broke even. Quote,"We aren't making money from hardware, but we aren't bleeding like we used too".

He also said that there will be no new price cuts in the near future, instead they will be focusing on selling bundles.

They attribute PS2 sales has helping them get out of the trouble they were in. Which probable means no new backward compatible added to the PS3. Why would they get rid of a money maker while it is still selling on the market. Every PS2 sold is a profit for Sony.

Good for them, I wonder if they are making ANY money on the PS3 or are they still losing? I don't know. I like to give up to date Xbox 360 stats aswell, but I didn't hear anything about that. I know the Wii is shitting money, so no worries about Nintendo.


Jay MacEachern said...

Yeah it is great news for Sony and also announced today was that the Move will earn profits from launch. Combine this along with 80$ is savings from the first month of Playstation + membership and things are looking very sweet indeed.