Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Juggernaut in Games

One of my favorite villains is Juggernaut and although I like to see him in his own game which will never happen or already has and it was called "The Hulk".

But there are plenty of games that you do get to play him and I guess I will have to he happy with that, and I am. I just like the raw physical power that is the Juggernaut(not Vinne Jones Juggernaut)

So here are some games that have Juggernaut has boss/playable character/immovable wall.

Spiderman and Xmen-Arcade's Revenge
. Wolverine Vs Juggernaut. I hated this level, when I first played this game, this was the only level in the entire friken game I couldn't get past.

X2 Wolverine's Revenge. Wolverine seems to like his revenge, this is possible the best Wolverine game to date. Juggernaut loses due to being stupid,"Stop moving little MAN!!"

Then there are all the fighting games. The most popular ones are the Marvel Vs Capcom 1and 2(will he be in 3?-I hope) Streetfighter Vs X-men, X-men Mutant Academy 1 and 2, Marvel Super Heroes, X-men children of the Adam.

Then you get to play him has the top down beatem ups like X-men Legends 2 and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. He shows up has a boss only in X-men Legends 1. I do enjoy all the extra costumes that you can play in him. In the legends game anyway. Stupid MUA 2.

Then he shows up in arcade but they gave him a bazooka, which makes no sense. Why not give superman a shotgun. Skip to 4:00 to see him in action-Now with Bazooka action!

There are a few other games that I'm sure he shows up in, but I couldn't find any videos or images of him in those particular games.

A side note, what's the deal with juggernaut saying "I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!". They say it in the 3rd X-men movie but I heard it long before that. It seems to have stuck with him. Food for thought.


Big D said...

Awesome! Do one on the Blob now too!! NOTHING MOVES THE BLOB! haha

Oh also that saying first came from a youtube video somebody made making fun of the old X-Men cartoon. No idea why they stuck it in the movie.