Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mortal Kombat Rebirth

What is this, I don't know. Is it a trailer, a fan made project or a little taste of something bigger. What ever it is, I LOVE it. Could this be the first real decent movie adapted from a game. Our first game movie that, although changes the main story of Mortal Kombat but still remains loyal to the source material. This is Brilliant, I can't say enough good things about this. Its Great!!

Sad thing is, people are complaining on other sites about how none of the characters look like the Mortal Kombat characters. THIS IS GOOD, we've had the same variations on the same outfits since the beginning in 1992. This is a great fresh new start. I don't care if this can't translate into a game, I don't want it to. I like it for what it is.


Dan said...

Fraken good!!!!!!! Love it x2 :)