Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things to (NOT)Do on a Sunny Day

Its been hot has a horses ass crack the past couple of days. So I find I am not inside staring at monitors and wondering how the hell do I find the fairy princess.

So its good to get out and stretch the legs on those nice days. Here's some fun things not do outside.

1)Don't go outside and play handhelds in the sun, you will get sun burned or your eyes pecked out by crows. (I got sun burned)

2)Don't stare at people without sunglasses on, that just makes you seem creepy.

3)Don't think you can take on a whole colony of ants by yourself, bring friends. Lots of them.

4)The Hose is not a drinking apparatus, nuff said.

5)The Hose is also not a tool to hose women down has they walk by for your enjoyment of a sidewalk Wet T-Shirt contest. (They are all winners in my book)

6)Don't try and cook food on the road, it makes you look retarded.

7)Don't look retarded.

That's about it, with all those you can figure out the Do's and know the consequences of them.


Big D said...

Aw man, I need help with #7. Maybe I should stop wearing underwear outside my pants.

Blake said...

Na, I don't think that will help. Isn't that the style today with all the Hipptiy and Hoppity?