Friday, May 21, 2010

Lordkat's - Until We Win

This guy is great. What he does is take a old (usually a NES Game) and without cheats play the game all the way through until he beats it. Games that were so hard back in the day, he manages to beat. But not without LOTS and LOTS of deaths. Its great to see whats involved in beating these ridiculous old video games.

I'm gonna put his page in the links, he does other videos as well, but the only ones that are worth looking at are the "Until we Win" videos.I wish he had a section called "Until we Win" and all his videos were listed there. But alas you have to scroll through his stuff to find them peppered throughout.

They are great, he has a ton of them.Click Here to see or watch them all on You Tube.


Big D said...

AAAHH no I was going to beat battletoads as part of my challenge! Curses he beat me too it! I guess laziness doesn't pay off after all.