Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That's a Big Fat Sword - Giga Sword Trophy

There is a trophy in 3DDGH's for upgrading the most powerful sword in the game. Alot of sites give the vague remarks such has, "its gonna take awhile", "not worth your while". Not very informative help to someone who is wondering how long is it going to take to upgrade this sword. One site said it takes 100,000 gold to fully upgrade the sword.

First off, when the sword is fully upgraded its friggin huge, it takes up the whole screen, does pierce and spin and has 3 beam levels. But when you don't have full life, it doesn't spin which makes your hero sword a better choice. But fully charged, there is no better sword.

To upgrade the sword, you need to have the maxed out gold, 9999. So you go farm gold and go back and fourth to the black smith and upgrade. How long is this going to take? To fully upgrade the Giga sword it took me 9 trips. What I mean is, I went to the best place in the game where enemies keep re spawning and killed them until they maxed out my gold 9 times.

Each farming trip took an average between 15-30 min. Depends on how much gold the monsters drop each time. First off, the best farming spot is the deadly swamp area right before you go to the last tower. There is a area(Nialliv Valley) with a ton of blue zombies and some rocks in the middle of the stage. Kill all but ONE zombie, leave the area and return and they will keep re spawning. If you kill em ALL by accident, just head back to where the INN is on this level and return.
So with 6 trips at an average of 15-30min each trip the whole ordeal could take between 2 hr 25 min or hrs. I don't think mine was 4 hrs 30 min, but I did have a farming trip that took 32 min. Mainly because the monsters were only dropping 1 gold piece. (Use technique describe by juicebox in the comments to be more efficient with the times)

That's the Giga Sword upgrading details, much more helpful then,"Gonna take forever!!!" I think.(Thanks juicebox for the correction)


Jay MacEachern said...

I wish there were not some many games on my list now, but this is a title I really want to try after hearing your reviews.

Blake said...

ITs a great little game done in the Zelda setting, but don't mistake it for easy.

If all you do is go through the main quest, it is pretty quick and uneventful. But the meat of this game are the side quest that vetch you new items and weapons.

Jay MacEachern said...

Yes instantly I thought of A Link To The Past when I seen the screens.

juicebox13 said...

it takes 9 trips of 9999 not 6...9 trips...


i suggest upgrading length and width first for 2 reasons...reason 1 is they take the longest...the 2nd reason is if u r gol farming in the swamps if ur giga is long and wide u can enter screen swipe once to kill half the zombies, swipe again to pick up coins and leave and reenter...this drastically cuts ur time in half...i went from getting 9999 every 15-30 min to every 8-10 min

Blake said...

That makes sense, though I do only remember refilling up to 9999 6 times.

But if that's the case then the numbers don't add up. So I guess I did miss count, and it was 9.

This is why I didn't become a mathematician. Thanks for the info juicebox.