Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My First Game Share Invite

While playing 3D Dot Game Heroes I got a message from someone I didn't recognize. At first I thought it was a friend request (If anyone is going to add me from this site or another, please put in a little note has to where you found me, etc.Always good to know who and why someone is adding me.)

So when I went to check it out, it was indeed some random stranger, but not a friend invite. It was a little message,"Please Game share with me!"

I guess this is something that's going to become more prominent on the PSN. Annoying, like pop up ads. My first thought was write back and give this little shit hell, but angry writing doesn't come across angry enough. I need to write faster. So instead I deleted the message and blocked his PSN account.

I should have written back, "of course, I will give "YOU" a complete stranger access to my PSN account AND credit card information AND passwords. My password is FUCK YOU and my credit card info is U DUMB ASS. I hope that works for you, let me know if you have problems logging into my account."

I like that.......I will use it the next time some random stranger ask for my account info. UNLESS, you write and give some details about why you are asking and you found me on some site, then I will be polite and decline like a normal human being.


Big D said...

haha wow my password is also FUCK YOU, how weird is that?

Game sharing sounds like a noble idea that was very poorly thought out. Giving them access to your games and games ONLY would be ok, but when has giving another person access to your account info and passwords ever been a good idea?