Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My 13th Platinum - Prince of Persia

This game is a perfect example has to why you should look over the trophy list if you are indeed going to hunt for them. This game could have been finished 9 hrs earlier if I had just went over the trophies.

The main reason being is that unlike other games that allow you go back through levels you have already done to play again. This game, the game ends and you have to start all over again. So my play style for a game, I go though the game once for the pure enjoyment and then I go back again to get the trophies.

What would have saved me countless hrs is knowing that once you beat the final boss you start all over again. If I had known that I would have went ahead and got the rest of the trophies before beating the final boss.

So its a toss up of having certain aspects of the game spoiled or replaying a 9 hr game. But if the game is good, then I don't mind doing it a second sometimes a third time if its really good. Deadspace is a great example of re-playability on harder settings making it a better game.

I must say that my intital rant about the game still stands true. But I was enjoying myself more the more familiar I became with the level layout. Overall not a hard Platinum to get, but defiantly time consuming.