Thursday, May 6, 2010

Game Blogs

A little PROPS to the gaming blogs in my links!!

I enjoy other peoples blogs and their thoughts on gaming. Reading about why they like something that I don't or just plain simple humor. Don't take yourself too seriously and it will be something that others will enjoy as well. Has I find more blogs that fits this bill I add them has links.

I tend to like personal Blogs has oppose to actually gaming sites,they are two different things.

Aripug's, if you can read Italian, then you are all good. A good view from another avid gamer.

BeatFreaker is a friend of mine from work. A great chap who enjoys games has much as the next person and his blog reflects the type of gamer he is, is a good way!

Edwards 1 CC Log for Shmups is a great place to get all your Shmups needs. If you were like me, you went,"What the hell is a SHMUPS!" Well after Internet searching its a mash of words which stand for "SHOOT EM UPS" Usually side scroller shooter games.

Game Fudge is a brand new blog and its funny has hell. Its much like humor I do or try to do. Its my favorite blog to date. So I guess I am giving you the virtual belt, until GSP comes along and submits you with a rear naked choke.

GameOlio is a bunch of guys/girl from Australia who have a podcast to go along with their post. Friendly bunch of people with only one PS3 owner. Sad Sad times......I am taking donations to help these guys get their PS3's :)

GamerDork - If you are afraid to do some online gaming then there is no better group of guys to play with. A large group of friendly guys who love a online match. Updated regularly with their own podcast as well. One of the best online community!

Last but not least is Yagrs - Yet Another Game Review Site, clever fellow. A throw back to older games. My only quip, UPDATE!! I know your busy but I would like to see more. If anything go there to see some of his older post. I was unable to rip the banner, I suck.

So that's some of the gaming blogs I think deserve a little love. Some aren't updated has frequently has others but that doesn't make them any less interesting. Has I find more blogs, I will gladly add them to the list. Happy reading!!


Edward said...

Some nice tips you got here, Darryl. I'll certainly check'em out later!

Big D said...

Thanks man, that means a lot to us. Major props to the original PACROID that we were both reading before we ever decided to try and tell jokes on the internet!

YAGRS said...

Thanks for the mention. I will try to update soon, "try" being the operative word . . .