Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Multiplayer Co-op

So another add on for Bad Company lets you and a buddy play the single player campaign together and its free for people who bought the game brand new.

This is a great way to show love to the gaming community. You have Bad Company doing things like this and then you have Activision raping the Modern Warfare community. I would like to say that it goes to show that if you show loving to the fans then the fans don't mind shelling out money when the time comes.

But that's not true, since ridiculous over priced Map Packs sold like hot cakes for the MW2 game. So really what Activision is saying is,"You can treat your consumers like shit and they will still buy what ever we give them at what ever price we say". I would like to know when is the breaking point for Activision/Modern Warfare gamers?!


Big D said...

The new mode is actually sort of like horde mode in gears, with some added adjectives and vehicles. Still sounds great though.

At this point if DICE released a pay DLC pack, I'd buy it just because I really enjoy the game and having more maps would be awesome.

Blake said...

Yeah, they are doing a great job with the gamers.