Tuesday, May 11, 2010

$39.99 EQUALS $44.99 - How?

So...I really don't know whats going on, but once people start paying attention to what they are buying, weird little things happen. Price increases, and the average person doesn't even notice it.

I went to get 3D Dot Hero's and its $44.99. Why??

The 21-25 year old Future Shop employee tried to tell me that its because some games after a week from their release date the price will drop for a short amount of time.

Which doesn't make sense because she couldn't answer why Capcoms Lost Planet 2 was also released at $39.99. And the price that you have it listed in the store is that exact same price and it came out today as well. So what you just said is disproven by the actual copy sitting in front of your face.

So am I to understand that it is a suggested price point. Then why are all the podcast and gaming websites and Canadian store outlets websites have the game has $39.99.

Where along the line of leaving the shipping house and gets to the store does it go up $44.99??

Guess what, every store employee I ask doesn't know why. Doesn't make sense to me, I like to know where the cost is coming from. Remember when the price of oil went through the roof. First it was because of the Hurricane that hit the Gulf of Mexico, then it was cost of protecting oil wells in the middle eastern countries. I'm pretty sure the terrorist still exist and we have a butt load of Hurricanes of all sizes rip through the gulf every year. So the price rise was just an excuse to take advantage of a "poor" excuse and gouge costumers. Today those things still exist but the price of oil is way down. Shouldn't the price be up still, that would be the common sense thing. "It was shittery to begin with, you don't say?!!"

Well if that's the case, then come right out and say that. Its $44.99 because that's the price I(WHO ARE YOU) want to charge. Who sets that price??. Where did it go from $39.99 to $44.99???!!!?

I'm tired of lame ass poor excuses. Perhaps it's because nobody, no retailer, no tax guy wants to come right out and say," We do it because we can, and we like to have more money because we are greedy individuals who look out for ourselves before we look out for the consumers."

If that's the case, well it's just something I have to learn to accept. BUT DON"T GO F#@%N' TELLING ME ITS BECAUSE OF TAXED HURRICANE TERRORIST!!!