Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Violent Video Games go to Supreme Court

I don't know if I am missing something here. But this seems like a good thing??? am I wrong? Anyway, this is what I am getting out of this.

The government of California wants to make a law that makes it illegal to sell Mature games to people under 18. If someone is caught doing so,they can be charged and fined.

Is this right? IF so, then I agree. I mean its the parents responsibility to monitor what their kids are playing AND the retailers know that these mature games are only meant for people 18 and up. If that's the case, then how are kids 17 and under able to play games rated "M". I mean "I" know how, but you've got to question it when you are playing a multiplayer match in GTA4 and all of sudden you hear the voice of prepubescent boy screaming at you.

So this kid is playing a game meant for adults. So he either has a older sibling who owns the game or his parents got it for him not realizing /caring what it was or the retailers sold it to him because they don't care.

Well if that law comes into effect, then at least you eliminate the retailers portion of it. But to be honest, most kids get their hands on the games becuase their parents get them for their kids. So how can a retailer stop from selling a M rated game to an adult who is then going to turn around and give it to their 15 year old kid.

On the other hand, this one law may be a stepping stone to the more exaggerated laws of banning violent video games all together. IF that's the case than video games are the same has books and movies. We might aswell ban those too.

It all boils down to COMMON SENSE. Which the human society lacks in bucket loads.