Friday, April 23, 2010

PS3 Error 80010201 Fixed

So this problem still persist with many PS3 owners today and there's not much help out there. So I guess its not a Big problem with Alot of owners. But for the smaller percentage of us who this is happening too, its a Console Killer.

But I have posted a boat load stuff(HERE and HERE and HERE) that I have tried and a wealth of info about the problem assisted by others who visit the site telling about their trials and errors. So theres' alot of stuff there can one can use to try and help. From the very simple to the more complicated.

So a visitor of Pacroid, Rolocc said that he fixed this problem on his PS3 FAT and wrote out a document of the process that he went through to fix this. I have yet to try it, but I will when I get some time throughout the couple of weeks.

For others who are still working on this problem, Click Here to download his document and give it yer last go. I hope this works for people, it be great to have a solution to the problem.



Michael said...

Hi there,

can you re upload the document as rapidshare is saying its no longer available.

I'm facing the exact same problem and its very depressing


Blake said...

I will try and get in contact with the Rolocc and see if he can re upload it.

Unfortunately, I don't have the doc otherwise I would just post the whole thing here.

Keep checking back and I will let you know IF/When I get some info regard the doc.