Sunday, January 31, 2010

My PS3 is Officially OFF the Market

So After a week of tweaks and phone calls and forum help it has come down to this. I am replacing my old PS3 with a new PS3 slim and I WILL lose some data, how much?? I won't know until I do a transfer.

So what did I find out over the past week.

1) The game freezes when I turn it on using the controller.

2) It takes a long time to load to the main menu

3) I get error 80010201 (Unable to connect to the Internet)

4) The error is suppose to be a temporary error, restarting the system doesn't fix it. It doesn't
recognize hard connect or WiFi.

5) Rebooting the system doesn't fix the problem either, its still freezes and I still get the same error.

6) I took it apart( warranty is long gone) to make sure wifi cables were tightly connected. They were loose and I pushed them in snugly but it didn't fix anything.

7)The cost to send it is $255 and it will take about a month and they can't guarantee that I will get my old PS3 back. That they may just send my a new one.

8) Because I took my PS3 apart to try and fix it myself the repair technician may determine that its been tampered with declare that its been modded and because of that, they can refuse to fix it and send it back to me in the same condition is was before I sent it. The guy on the phone actually said, "that if the technician sees that the warranty sticker was removed can make the call to fix it or not, even without opening it up to determine if in fact it was modded or if it was just someone looking to see if something was disconnected." So based of that alone is enough for me to not send it in. I would have paid the shipping and handling fees which come to $75 Canadian and get it back with nothing fixed on it.

9) Because of the possibility of not getting my old PS3 back and instead getting a new one. I still have the old data on my 255 Gig that needs to be transferred. What I found out is that because the Etnernet port on the my old PS3 doesn't work I can't do a straight data utility transfer and get all my copyrighted saved data. So I have to put it on a external hard drive and and swap out the new PS3 120 gig for my old 255 gig, reformat it and then put my saves on that one, but my copyrighted saves won't work. I will lose some saved data. On which games, I don't know yet, I know Street Fighter 4 will lose all its saved data, which other ones??, I just don't know.

Well that does it, I did everything possible, my PS3 is just not working right and all the pieces that I need to work to transfer to a new one is all down. Its almost like starting over again which deeply sickens me to the point of never touching some of my games again. But I won't know how much I will have lost until I do the actual transfer.

So some time in the near future I will have a New PS3 slim. Bleh, nothing is ever easy for me when it comes to technology.


Anonymous said...

i found that it was the wifi board and its sorted both problems you probably done it now anyway

Blake said...

Yeah, fixing the wifi board was one of the first things I did with mine, its didn't help, but thanks for letting me know.

The problems seems to be a list of different things for everyone, that's what seems the to be the problem. What worked for one, doesn't work for another.