Friday, January 29, 2010

Donkey Kong Jr

I swamped a shit load of quarters into this game at the arcade. It was one of those games that you could wrap, maybe die on the second time around and still put quarters in the game to do it all again.

There something so fun about this game, was it the sound that he made when he climbed the vines or the when he slide down or hit a trap mouth guy with a piece of fruit. That's right, who knew that fruit could be so dangerous.

I've played alot of different versions of this game on almost every system and I think its about time they reboot it and not that stupid Donkey Kong Jr world shit from the N64. I be happy with a simple version of the old game with updated graphics, they did it with Frogger. Although its only 4 levels, there just something so fantastic about it.

This commercial is horrible, I really like that Mario resembles a evil version of himself and whats with all the "save his PAPA!!" O hopsie dat he maksie upie the vinei!!