Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DAmn Damn, Diddly Do Dang Diggety Poop!!

This is what happens when I don't do side quest first. So I get to the very last mission in Fallout 3 and before I go ahead and finish it, I decide to go back and do the side missions.

Low and behold, one of the side quest says, to go look for this guy in paradise falls and bring back 4 slaves to him.?????????

One of the main missions had me going to Paradise Falls to rescue some kids. I was told that Paradise Falls is a place where slaves live and they kidnapped children.

Well my thinking was, since I am playing the game has a good guy, slavers who kidnap little kids arn't the type of people I want to associate with.

So when I got to the area, I sneaked in to a area and sniped the guards from afar. The alarms went off and the rest of the Paradise Falls came gunning for me. It was a glorious battle and they all died a horrible death.

FANTASTIC, I single handed killed an entire camp of slavers. Slavers who kidnap children, this is a good day.

Now you are telling me that one of the quest is to go to Paradise Falls and talk to this slaver guy. The same slaver guy I shot in the head 20 hrs ago????!!!!

Well that's just FAnnnn FRRRIIKKEEN TASSSTIC!!!!

Well, got some replaying to do.


rowen26 said...

A truly good character would have found a way to end the slavery peacefully, without the murders.

Boy, did you blow it! Pff!

Blake said...

I did indeed, but after this one I went through online guides, and I was lucky.

There are a ton of these types of setups. There were numerous missions that I could have lost depending on my actions with a different mission.

I still have to go back and start a NEW game just to get that last quest. Blaaaaa!