Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yup, Your Messed in the Head!

This is just wrong, wrong. What makes it even worse are the people who comment on this. One of my favorites was, "The list was good, what what was Big Sister doing on there".

Really??! REALLY!? Is this the thought going through your head,"Well I can really see myself fucking all those hot women, but the BIG SISTER, hahaha, that's just absurb. Shes mostly metal".

Go dig a hole , get in that hole and become king of hole land.


rowen26 said...

I often find that the GT reviews or comments are always made with that disgusting "typical 13 year-old gamer guy " attitude.

I actually say that video was up this morning, but I didn't feel like watching that crud.

I tried watching it here and couldn't get past the Big Sister point.

Jaison said...

Sad, when I was 13 the only fake boobs I was interested in were attached to real women. :P