Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heavy Rain - PS3 - Spoiler free

At first, I thought I was going to wait until I got it, but hearing good things about it and being slyfully confronted to it in the store by Darryl, I broke down and bought it on impulse.

And I didn't regret it! I had a blast paying it.

Many reviews have already been put out and describe the game well.

I will describe what I got most out of the experience, because I can't describe it as anything less then an experience.

It's unlike anything I've ever played before. The lack of saving possibility makes all your decisions so final, that in some cases I was deeply affected when I knew I had made a rash panicked decision that I should not have done. Like getting the Blunder trophy for doing something, which seems obvious that I could have done differently. Knowing that you can't go back makes things you do important towards the final goal.

There were a couple of instances where I was sure that I had messed up and that my characters were dead. And this was seriously upsetting. You become very emotionally involved with them.

Heavy Rain Screenshot

The story is interesting and slowly presented to us in growing tidbits that form together for us as well as for the characters. When the twist came, I stood slack-jawed as I performed the actions, without being able to control but witnessing something horrible of which I was taking an "active" part in. I felt disgusted after that and couldn't get to sleep that night.

Fights and chase sequences would leave me panting and in sweat. Partly because of the intensity of them, partly because when you need to shake the controller which is exerting.

Heavy Rain Screenshot

One small technical detail that did bug me during the game (apart from still the same ones in my review of the demo) is that sometimes, the action icons are hard to see, particularly if the character is far away. And what's more, the square icon looks similar to the circle one, and I picked actions I didn't want to do a couple of times because of that confusion.

The game is rightfully rated M because in addition to all the violence, both physical and emotional, there is a couple of nudie scenes. A couple of butt shots (male and female), some cleverly concealed naughty bits and a gratuitous feeling female shower scene.

The game comes to an adequate conclusion, at least the one I got. All my characters lived through to the end (some a little bruised and battered).
I will try and play the game again, this time deliberately doing dumb actions, just to see what happens.


Blake said...

Sir!!..You don't have to TRY to do dumb actions when it comes to video games.

aahh? ehh? Here what I'm saying?, That's right!