Monday, March 1, 2010

Well ... poop on a cracker!!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to turn on my PS3 to play a bit of Heavy Rain and got a message that the trophies couldn't sync up and that I would be kicked off ....

Odd. But I have had some problems in the past with my router, so I figured it might just need to be reset. I did, hoping that would fix it.

The problem was still there. Couldn't get into the game AT ALL. It wouldn't even go to the game's loading screen.

So, a little nervous, I put in another game to try it out. The game did start, but wold be interrupted by constant pop-up messages stating that an error had occured and taking me back to the game's main menu.

As this was a problem with internet connectivity, I went to the network connections and disables my link. The problem was still there. And it still was when I tried it this morning. It's not a connection issue, because I can still connect to the internet, even from the PS3.

Searching around, I found out that a LOT of people got the same problem yesterday. The issue seems to be with the old big PS3s. The Slims are apparently unaffected. Some kind of internal clock resetting issue and PSN connection .... I don't know.

I found some articles online and Sony is apparently working on it, but without any clear indication of when this will be fixed. Here's one article I found.

This sucks.


Blake said...

This sucks ballz. But it is odd that it randomly shows up and not after a update or something.

And if it is a software update, how do they intend people to get the update if they can't connect to the PSN to get it?

Jay MacEachern said...

If you go look in your system settings it most likely reset to a 1999 date. That is what I have been hearing. Doesn't seem hack related so most likely will come in the way of a firmware patch soon.