Monday, March 1, 2010

GOW 3 vs Darksiders DEMO

So I downloaded the Darksiders and God of War 3 demos and I wanted to test something out.
I wanted to see if people were unfairly judging Darksiders by comparing it to GOW 3 and its short comings.

So I would play GOW3 demo first and then go to Darksiders and see if I could feel a difference. Well GOW3 is a no brainer, it was fun to play but didn't feel like anything new that I have played from the series. Which isn't a bad thing, the series is fantastic and I would gladly play any story from the GOW series. Although it was short it was satisfying enough, but unlike other demos, this didn't make me go, "I HAVE TO GET THIS GAME". Its a God of War game, great controls, great graphics and fun to play.

Then I dove into Darksiders, kinda hoping that the game play was just has good has GOW3 and everyone was just nit picking with frivolous bickering about how its not GOW. But I would be disappointed, I wanted it to be just has good, I wanted it to be has fun or "funner" than GOW. But it wasn't, not by a long shot.

Although you can control the camera in this one, it feels like its all over the place, but its just me zeroing in on enemies, there is a lock on feature but when you get more than one enemy on the screen at a time, this becomes useless.

This Demo is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG. Twice in the demo I got stuck in places where I didn't know where to go next, what do I do now? Do I have to go back all the way through the castle again? did I miss something? WHaT The HelL?!!!! A demo shouldn't make the person want to just give up and say screw this. But that's exactly what this demo made me want to do. I did go all the way through it and it took me a little over an hr.

It has way too many stupid things happening. It has the stupid delay jump, run to a edge and get as close has you can before you tap jump. But there is a delay, so I end up just running off the edge. So many glitches, twice I got in areas that I wasn't suppose to have gotten by glitching my way in. Once I was stuck in a area I couldn't get out, so I had to start over. That is unacceptable and poor game testing. And no I wasn't trying to do some weird no normal person would do that thing. I was in area that I didn't know where to go and I was trying all the jumps and grabs to see where I did need to go.

As much has I wanted the game to be has good has GOW3, its not. Its not even in the same ballpark. These 2 demos confirmed 2 things, GOW3 was fun and felt like a GOW game. Darksiders is what you buy people who you don't like.