Monday, March 15, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Online

Haven't posted in awhile due to being sick with the flu. So I have been playing some online with battlefield BC2.Also this will be the second time I wrote this because I am an idiot and closed the window by accident.

In playing online I have noticed some things that stand out that may help the new player. So here are some helpful hints and tips.

First off, there are some glitches in the online play. Such has getting stuck on rocks, trees, corners - Clipping is what the game worlds call it. But trying to do a quick turn around only to get stuck on a corner can mean the difference between death and getting away.

There were 2 instances where I tried to go up stairs but instead I just walked through them. Another time a teammate spawned on my position and ended up inside a steel tower, stuck. After awhile he did get out, but from my view point he was glitching out like crazy.

There are glitches in the game, not alot. But when they do happen, it sucks. There's nothing you can do about it, but they did have foresight with this and gave us a suicide button if you do indeed get super stuck.

Coming out on top. This does not mean getting the most kills in the game, it means playing to the strengths of your class. Such has playing the medic, you get points from healing and reviving teammates. But you can increase your score even further by adding perks that compliment the class. For the medic such perks that increase the range and effectiveness of the med kits. So a single med kits thrown into area with all the perks can heal teammates from quite some distance and double the healing rate. Which results in a higher score.

If all you are doing is just running and shooting then don't expect to come out on top. If you are the engineer, then drop mines for tanks. If you are the sniper, throw up proximity mines, the assault class, then drop ammo kits. All the while do enemy spots for kill assist for all classes, jump on the missile launcher to take out a tank if you are near it.Play smart and play your class and you will come out on top. Also if you just want to goof around and are not worrying about points then that is also fun.

Then of course there's the assholes. You can only hear people on your squad, up to 4 people. So some guy on your team screaming at opposite team while not communicating to his own teammates. Makes me wonder why he even put a mic on. He's wearing a mic, but isn't talking to his teammates, but I guess he wants us to hear him screaming and cursing??! I don't know, doesn't make any sense to me. But if your squad is talking, then it makes doing objectives that much easier.

Overall, it is a pretty fun game and even more fun with friends.