Thursday, February 18, 2010

Screw You Sony and Little PS3

So I finally started to transfer the data from my old PS3 to my new one. I first did a utility back up to a FAt32 external and this process took 2 hrs and 30 min, not bad. Now I was ready to to try and do a utility data transfer via 2 PS3's. Moving the data from one PS3 to another via a Ethernet cable. (I had to try)

First thing that happens is I have to hook up both PS3's to the TV. Turn both of them on and with my old PS3 tell it to transfer the data. IT then tells me to deactivate the current PS3 via Internet....Really? I can't connect to the Internet. So because I want to try every option I can think of, I call Sony. They say that they can deactivate the account on their end.

Are you people even thinking?? How does that help me? Do you send special radio waves that my PS3 will pick up telling it that it is deactivated. ITS NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET YOU TARDBALL! So now the account is deactivated but my old PS3 doesn't know that. It still wants me to connect to the Internet. This is what started the problem, it can't connect. Anyway, I won't go into all that again.

So I do the last resort. I plug in the external into my new PS3 and start a data restore. What took 2 hrs and 30 min to transfer too. Took 2 min to put the data on my new PS3. Sigh....So what I had to do was re-download all my DLC, add-ons, stand alone games, everything. I set it all up and let it sit overnight.

In the process I lost ALL saved data on 4 disc based games and 2 DLC games. With 2 of my disc based games I also have DLC for them that I would have to restart the game to enjoy again. This is not happening.

This pisses me off to no end. FUCK YOU SONY and your Stupid PS3 and shove it all up your asshole. I should be able to do what I want with my saved data. IF I want to shove it up a Saigon whores ass then I should be able to do just that. You have to come up with something better, even a exclusive Sony memory card that recognizes copyrighted data and ownership and allows transfers. Come on tech boys, be smart and do smart things.

Losing all that data was very disheartening. So I am going to see what I can get for resale value of the 4 games and if its less than 20$ than screw that. I will post them on Pacroid for game giveaways.


Jay MacEachern said...

It sucks to hear about your misfortunes buddy, however I believe much of your anger is being directed at the wrong people. Sony is just providing the block in place, it is the publishers that copyright their data. That is why you only lost some and not all of it. If it was solely Sony's fault you would have lost it all as everything would carry the copyright or DRM on it. Apple ran into this issue a few years back in the music store and eventually offered DRM free content for a little more. This is something that I strongly believe is now going to be needed for the games industry to prevent things like this happening. The only other viable solution is for the publishers themselves be responsible for this and allow you to recover information in an alternate method.

Still my condolences for your loss ;)

Tom might pick up Killzone 2 from you if you wanted to get something for it.

Jay MacEachern said...

I agree completely with you that they require alternate methods of transferring it.

Blake said...

Oh its a love hate relationship. I bitch slap it around a bit then cuddle up with it later.

( i joke, I don't believe in beating your game consoles, that just sickening:)

Jay MacEachern said...

As soon as you said cuddled, I was returned to Jack Black's molestation of the current console

Jaison said...

If you're gonna trade them in check out I heard they're a lot better than EB.