Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dead Space 2 Armor

So this is the look of the new armor for Dead Space 2. Well just twaddle my Poop-hole with a fig tree!! This is ridiculous!! IT looks like some Japanese robot fighting crappy Anime cartoon. All the different colors, it looks like Michael Bay even got in there and said can you make it look like the transformers, all organicy??!

I hope that this one pic doesn't set the flavor for the rest of the game. Please don't mess up Dead Space!! With this first and major piece to the game, its not off to a good start. For me anyway. Now everyone join in to the theme song to Dead Space 2 ," Go Go Go Space Mooonnssterrrs, taking what life is not yoooouurrrsss to give.....But space will Treat you well in the end.....for he is SPAACCEE MMOOONSTTEEERRR HURRTTINGGG MAACHHIINNEE!!!"


rowen26 said...

I do like the pompoms at the end of his boots!