Friday, January 15, 2010

TMNT:Turtles in Time-Reshelled - PSN

I got this because I was a turtle fan when I was younger and I also enjoyed the turtle games, the good and the bad ones. Seeing has this was on sale from $9.99 to $4.99, it seemed like a good deal to me and I got a taste of the demo with replaying the first level of the original game for the SNES and fighting Baxter at the end was a nice feel for a demo. But after you buy the game the first level is the only thing that feels familiar.

I remember riding the hover boards, I remember throwing foot soldiers at the screen to kill a giant robot shooting at me. I remember destroying mousers and bebop and Rocksteady. I remember shredder having different forms and having different color balls of magic that would form around him and have different effects, what was that game? is this suppose to be that?! I"m confused!

Well this game gets rid of alot of this and replaces it with a washed version of its former self. The whole while I was playing this I couldn't wait to get to the level where I threw foot soldiers at the screen to kill the robot. But then shredder appears and I think this is only the first battle with him. But nope!!!!You beat Shredder and the game is over. What a disappointment!

I was really expecting a re-skin of the old SNES turtles in time game. So all my favourite turtles with special abilities or character specific moves like fireballs, and uppercuts. Just a suped up version besides a thumbmasher. Even Ubisoft itself says, "Power-ups"-Plural. Wow, there's going to be cool power ups?!

What are these power up(S)?? You get this spinny pizza that spins your turtle around and around hitting everything and......well that's it. Unless they are talking about the restore life pizza? But that's not a power up, that just a get life thing. I'm not more powerful after getting it, I don't do anything cool. So I guessed they should have said, "Over the top power-up" SINGULAR!!!!!!

I got this game confused with the another Turtles game, the one where you throw foot soldiers at shredder in his giant robot and BeBop and Rocksteady. That's the game I wanted remade, not this.

Anyway, point being, I was expecting a reskin of the my old game with new cool features added, new moves, powers, etc. What I got was a mishmash of monsters with a button scheme of how fast can you hit the square button. I was really disappointed in this. If they just called this game something else and didn't have it linked to older game then it would make more sense. It would then feel like a its own thing(still bad) but its own none the less.

There's just not enough here to keep you interested and not enough for the old fans to go,"Wow, that was a great trip back in time with the turtles I love". Is it worth $4.99?? Only if you are a hardcore Turtles fan, if not....then stay away.


Loner Gamer said...

I rather have them release the classic in its original form. Hope it will at least be released on the Wii Virtual Console. That would be nice.

Definitely a missed opportunity here though with this game. If they kept the gameplay and just bumped up the graphics, it would have been an instant classic.

Blake said...


YAGRS said...

I knew that this game had not been received well, and I guess I now know why. I'm glad I still have an SNES copy.