Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rumors about PS3 Online

So I keep getting those annoying, "Send this email on to 20 other people or you will be on the list of people who will have to pay to play online with the PS3". I can honestly and confidently say that this is horsecock!!

But I listened to 2 gaming podcast where rumors are stating that,"Yes" we will probable have to pay for "SOME" online content, called the Premium Package. What may be in this paid package??

1) 3 Year extended warranty

2) Cross Game Chat (Really??!!)

3)Full Title Trial, so you get to play play the first hr of all their games.

4)Token Wagering (What the hell is this??)

5)User to User Challenges (You can bet on real people and win stuff-How the hell does this work?"

6)Free Access to All PS1,PSP, Minis games and Themes

7)Cloud Storage Space for Games.(saving your games over the server-but this would require some heavy duty broad band.

8)Online Music Downloads

9)Online Music Video Downloads

10)Automatic updates-(Don't we already have this)

11)A loyalty program

12)Facebook Integration (Oh MY GOD, MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. If only Twitter could be on here too, then life would be perfect!!!)

13)NetFlix without a Disc ( I would need Netflox with the disc first before I could want the other)

These are the things that I personally HEARD. But here is a chart of the things being listed, but how official is this chart, God only knows!

But everything that we currently have free will stay free. It would only be the new content. In regards to what is being offered the only thing that I really want from this list is the Cross Game Chat. But would I pay for it?! The answer is "NO".

I am interested to see what they offer in the loyalty program and what exactly are the details of some of these but not enough for me to go, "YUP, this is worth paying for". The only reason I would buy a subscription is to play online with friends which I can already do. If I got a Xbox Subscription it would be to play online with friends and that is it. I could care less about what other features they give me.

So these are just rumors, none are facts. Just tidbits of info that seem to leak out of Sony like a weak ass dripping shit.


rowen26 said...

Yeah, I heard rumours of that too.

I'm definitly not going to pay for any premium service when I barely use the one there already anyway.