Friday, January 22, 2010

The Controllers in My Life

Over the years, game controllers have changed drastically to what we first saw to some rare and sometimes awful results. I know there are tons of controllers out there, but this is just a list of the one that I grew up with and what I thought of each.

Atari 2600
My first gaming controller, never had anything to compare it to besides the arcades and I thought it did the job well. I liked it. I give it 4 My Little Ponies.

Atari 2600 Upgrade
I got this flight simulator type controller, had the trigger where you would fire bullets, I thought it was the coolest thing I ever seen. But then you start to use it and it just didn't feel right. It was too big and more often than not if you played 2 player, I would end up giving this monster to my friend where they all had the same reaction. "That's so cool" But after 5 min of playing you just want to have the normal controller.

Atari 2600 Paddles
The pong paddles I thought AGAIN were amazing. It was like getting a new system, but after the AWWWW wears off I preferred my old controller. All these things had a great wow factor for me but the feel of them just didn't sit well.

This one was wrong, wrong, wrong. I think the Atari spoiled me because when I got my hands on this I just wanted to throw it across the room. All the numbers the clicking on the side, I didn't like it. Maybe if I played with this controller first I would have had a better appreciation for it. But overall, I hated the Coleco Controller.

This felt like a thing all its own. I didn't mind that it was shaped differently than everything else I had played to this point. The controller was cool looking, it snapped into the console and it was easy to use. I had alot of fun playing the Vextrex.

Nintendo Entertainment System
I mean I am fine with the controller now, but when I first played with it, it hurt my hands.
I remember playing double dragon for the first time and the controllers edges just digging into my palms. It hurt, but to get around this you do what prisoners do to get used to sleeping on crappy beds. You use it till it hurts.

Yaaay, it has round edges. Seriously, I loved the fact that it was sleek and curvy has compared to the box NES one. It did feel rather large compared to coming off the NES controller, but once I got used to it, it ranks up there with one of my all time favorites.

Genesis Turbo
I asked for a second controller for friends and my mom got me the Turbo. It was a little larger than the original and never did feel quite right. It was great for side scrolling space shooters, but never felt right for anything else.

Super Nintendo Entertain System
This was the first introduction where there were shoulder buttons. I admit that it took getting used too, but it was a very well design game controller. Has far has Nintendo goes, this is my favorite Controller from them.N64
This was crap, I hated the C buttons. Depending on what game I was playing I had to change how I was holding the controller. I don't like that kinda thing, I want to feel like the controller isn't fighting me, where am I now, what button am I pressing. BOOO, my worst game controller.

Sega Dreamcast
This controller was a beast, it felt like I was holding the console. BUT the button placement felt good to me. My first game I played on this, Darkstalkers I was able to do super moves and combos with ease. So I had a good time with this, its weird but it does the job.PS1-2-3
In my opinion, the best of the best. It was the beginning of the end for me. I couldn't play anything else. If I got a controller for my PC it was PS type controller. Everything feels where it should be and I shit my pants when I heard they were changing the PS3 to a banana controller. This is an instance where if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

PS2 Mortal Kombat
I got this cause I like Baraka and I wanted a good gaming controller. Unfortunately, this wasn't it. Yeah, sure it looks good, but it plays like ass. So for now, it sits in a box looking good.
I'm not shitting on Xbox (sheesh, you cant say anything bad about Micosofts Xbox line without fanboys jumping all over you) But I couldn't get use to it, it felt clunky and cumbersome.

Nintendo Wii
Surprisingly, this felt great. I played several games with the wii set up and it works well. I'm sure there are game that suck with the remote, but I enjoyed my experiences with the Wii remote. Good on Nintendo!!

Xbox 360
This one felt sleeker than the first one. The contours are much better and just had a better weight to it. I prefer this one to the original any day.


Kim said...

Wii remote is only good if you are using both pieces... if you have to just use the pointer.... turned on its side (like for the new mario) it isn't that comfy. That said, new mario is good.

Blake said...

YEah, Seth has been wanting the new mario since it release date.