Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Battlefield 1943 - PSN

I had tons of fun when I first played this game so many years ago. It was my first experience with Lan games. The school that I went too had a bunch of work computers, so in the evenings we would use them to play battlefield and it couldn't have been more fun. Years later they release it for DLC with a updated look.

If you have played the original with Wake Island and Coral Sea, then this is exactly that. Don't expect all new weapons or vehicles. Its just good ole online Battlefield 194 and its a blast to play. With the exception of calling in bomb runs, I don't remember that in the old version, but its fun to fly in 3 bombers and blast the hell out of a area and to shoot them down if the other team is calling them in.

Unlike TMNT DLC this reboot feels great. Running around and capturing the flag with either the rifleman, infantry or snipers. I didn't feel rushed in the game, even if we lost I still felt like I had accomplished something. Whether I was practicing flying the plane and dropping bombs or driving around in the car or trying to knife somebody. It was all fun and I didn't feel a sense of urgency or hurry up to finish the level like I did with Fat Princess. The time of each match felt great not too long and not too short, certainly something you can jump into and play for 15-20 min and leave feeling like you've had a great time.

Things that bother me are the occasional lag which makes shooting anything impossible. We are all familiar with this and its a pain when it happens. Luckily it doesn't happen too often so its doesn't feel like it hinders the game.

The other thing and this isn't a knock on "this" game, I mean it could be any online game. And that is the Assholes who you are suppose to be on your team. Just last night I jumped into a plane and some idiot on my own team is dropping TNT on my plane has I am getting ready to take off. Great!!! BUT....when I got into the air he detonated the bombs and it didn't hurt me. I was surprised because I had the same thing happen with ground vehicles and when they detonate them I usually end up dead.

The other thing is communicating. I can't talk to the members of my team unless they are in my squad which seems kinda silly. I think you should be able to talk to all my teammates. But its small bologna's. I got this game when it was on sale for $10.49 and I think I got a great deal.

The price tag of $14.99 was what kept me from getting this from day one. Lots of fun if you are a fan of the original. If you get this, look me up so we can cause havoc on the battlefields of 1943.