Friday, September 4, 2009

My History with Batman

I 'd figure I give a little blurb about all the batman games I have played over the years. So this is NOT a complete list of ever Batman games made. Just the ones that I have played that either starred Batman or have had Batman in them.

I guess the first one was the one that we all probable started with and that is Batman for the NES. This is hard has hell and forced you to do it over again and again until you got remotely good. I didn't own this game, but I rented the hell out of it.

The lady at the store would even hold it for me on weekends because I told her I was trying to beat it. How nice of her, I don't remember her name, but lets call her Betty. That's a nice Batman name
That was my dabble in the NES dept. Batman returns, I remember being a hit with all my friends, it just looked great. It was a fantastic beat em up and I was tickled pink when I finally finished this game. The many hrs I put into it, I remember thinking, this is all about placement. You could beat anyone on this game depending on where you were standing on the screen. Although I try that shit now and I die.

Batman and Robin, this one hurt my head. I would get up to a certain point and die. Get frustrated and put it away for awhile. Come back to the game later only to forget what I got frustrated about in the first place only to be reminded of it 10 min later repeat this cycle.

This was stupid hard. It looked amazing, I loved the style, I just hated dieing all the time. Playing has robin was fun too, but it didn't make it any easier.

Task Force I was really excited about. I was finally going to be able to play has all my favourite DC heroes. Boy was I disappointed. I couldn't pull off the special moves, the story was stupid and the same for all the hero's. And I remember the controls feeling awful.

So I think that says something the game when you remember the controls being bad. It just felt clunky, like a punch would be delayed or not enough frames of animation. I didn't like it, this game killed my superhero fighting days until Capcom released the marvel series.

It would be a good long while till I played another batman game again. But vengeance was a nice come back to the series. Now I know alot of critics hated on the game. But I really liked it, there was nothing that I hated about it. I actually played through this twice when I got it. That is unheard of for me when I finish a game. There was nothing to unlock and no trophies, I just enjoyed the gameplay. So suck it!

I was super excited for Justice league Heroes. I just finished the X-men series of these types of games, so I was in good spirits. Although its a OK game, something was lacking and to this day I don't know what it is. It just didn't feel has good has the X-men legends series. What was missing, I just don't know. It was OK, but just not what I was expecting. I still had fun, so I guess that's whats important.
Next, was the Lego series. These are just plain mindless fun. I don't know anyone who doesn't like these games. No thinking, enough to keep you entertained and in my opinion, the best use of the Lego franchise to date or maybe Starwars. Anyway, still a great game. Go look in the archives for my full thoughts on this.

Next, and again, I was really excited about this one aswell. Being a fan of both MK and DC. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. It was a OK game, not bad. The fatalities really took a hit in this series. That has to be one of the biggest disappointments for me in this series. Again, check the archives for my full thoughts on this title.

And finally, the best for last. THIS GAME HITS BATMAN ON THE NOSE! Then he get mad and break your face. Actually I don't think he get mad, but still break your face. This is the game that if anyone is going to play a batman game they should play this one. This is the Zeus of all Batman games. When your done, you'll want to climb a building with your batclaw but more than likely you'll fall and break your stupid bone.

There you have it, my history with Batman. I know there are plenty of Batman games I've missed. I just didn't want to play them or couldn't find them at the time. I remember a PC game that was advertised in comic books that I wanted to play so bad. But this was back when the only people who owned a PC were the rich kids. So I could only use my imagination, lets go kids. OFF to imagination batman, where you fart where you burp and burp where you fart.

If you don't know where that saying came from, then "yes, I just made it up. Stupid!"


L3p3rm355iah said...

Batman Begins wasn't a bad game...liked how you could strike fear. Only issue with Arkham is it's length I loved the game and then it ended kind of quick.

Jay MacEachern said...

Arkham is definitely the best title to ever come out for the franchise IMO. Lego Batman was also the best from that series as well with the others loosing their luster quickly. I might have to grab that from you sometime.