Monday, September 14, 2009

Juggernaut is What Now?! - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

When I first heard that MUA2 was coming out I was pretty excited. I even seen some of the characters that were going to be in the game even before they were released to the public. If I told you how I saw them, I have to kill you, really!

From day 1, I have to say that my favorite character so far that I heard would be joining the roster was Juggernaut. He was my favorite in X-men Legends 2 and I can't wait for this one.

So I assumed he would be part of the game UNTIL I found out that they were releasing him has a downloadable character that you could only get by pre-ordering the game. Well, I rushed out to book my pre-order so I could get my code to download him. I'd be damn if I was going to pay for him.

Then last Friday I see him on the PSN store for download for $1.99. So I was like, "phew, I'm glad I pre-ordered, cause it would suck to buy him". Then I checked the store on Sunday and he was FREE!

Whats the deal?! Hes with the game, hes not with the game, you can only get him with a pre-order, you can buy him, hes free to download.

I blame this on Activision in a plow to push sales, for people who MUST have DLC. People like me, but I am glad I waited and got him for free anyway. But boy, would I be pissed if I would have bought him then to only find out he's free. What kind of marketing is this? Confuse the consumer, fuck with their minds. I REALLY DETEST Activision!! The game alone is $80. Now add on all the extra characters they are going to release after the game comes out and new maps, etc.

I heard of promotions where they would sell things at a discount after its been released for some time, but not after 3 days! It doesn't make sense. I'll give you my money Activision, but its gonna be shit money, I wiped my balls with it, I wiped my dogs balls with it and the neighbours dog balls with it and infected it with the mumps!