Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Freeflow Combat Trophy in Batman - PS3

So trophy hunting can be a trying experience. It can be a grind, a remembering of pattern, a devoting your life to doing something over and over until you get it, or just plain luck!

So getting all the trophies for Batman is quite challenging. And for all those that post that they are easy to get. Take that with a grain of salt because most likely the people who make those comments are kids who do nothing else but play that game for hrs on end or adults with no lives.
(I'm not saying that anyone who gets all the trophies are either kids or the later, just that people who say,"Its easy")

I wish I could set up a system for recording my own gameplay and do a voice over for it to tell the details of exactly what I am doing. NOT just posting myself doing the challenge. I hate those videos, "Look, here is a video of me doing it".

So the latest trophy I was gunning for was Batman's, get a perfect freeflow combo using all of Batman's abilities. There are tons of people telling how to do this. But so many leave out small details that can make getting this trophy impossible.

How did I get this. I spent 1hr and 45 min and a lot of luck. Yes, luck! I choose the challenge, intensive care extreme. If you miss a strike while doing this or get hit, just restart. You will need all of them to be tip top health to make it to the end.

The min number of hits to get all strikes in is 9. But you don't have to do each one after the other, you can throw more punches or counters or leaps in, has long has it doesn't break your combo counter. There are so many help hints out there that list all the things that you have to do and in what order works best, but don't tell you that you don't have to do each one after the other. If a throw doesn't present itself after a counter, then just punch and keep the combo going until you do get a opening.

What helped me was to start off with a grapple, by hitting R2 twice and MAKE SURE YOU HIT one of the guys that you drag towards yourself with the grapple in order to keep the combo going or it will fail. I made the mistake of countering an attacker or hitting a different guy and ended up not getting the combo.

From here on do a punch and counter when it presents itself, then a evade (which is X that jumps over a dude) and then a stun, but to make sure that after you do a stun, that you punch the guy that you stunned, other wise its easy to break the combo again.

After that you should have a throw built up, use one of the two available. Then keep the combo going with punches or counters until you build up your throw again and use the other throw variation.

Its after this one that you want to do your ground take down, (R2+triangle). But be careful that there are no goons that can interrupt you during your take down. Too many times I did it while goons were standing or getting ready to stand and interrupting the ground take down.

After that batman stands and tap L1 to throw the batarang.

This is really hard, there's nothing easy about it. I restarted whenever I took a hit or broke the combo. Other wise I have it built all up again but when I get ready to throw my batarang, all the guys would be lieing on the ground and I lose the combo.

So, its alot of trial and error and luck. Every time I did it, the enemies moves different, different enemies attacked at different times.

But I did find a video that was really good. Its exactly how I would do a video, by explaining what I am doing at what point, when do I press each button. These guys finally got it right. Its how help videos should be made.

And this is the crap that I am talking about. Videos showing themselves doing the challenge. How does this help me?! I think people just like showing ,"LOOK, I did it..see mom!"