Monday, August 24, 2009

DLC for Transformers 2

WHY!!!, Stop it...I don't want to buy this game!!! I don't want tooooo......But the DLC, ..the pretty G1 transformers, the pretty Ooptimus, the shiny Megatron...oh so shiny....Starscream , all looking like they just came out of the 1984 wrapper. so pretty.

This must be what a crack whore feels like when they need their next fix. I'll hold off has long has I can. But this new trailer is not helping at all. Its only a matter of time now.

The end is near.........sniff, sniff

But its the dread Activision, so I have to buy it second hand. Can I get DLC second hand?? POO on you Activision!


BeatFreaker said...

I told you that it was going to be hard to reset..haha. DLC is a download so it should work off of your save file and not the disc itself. So if you don't have it installed it should be available. That trailer is certainly trying to sell it.

Bank3rDude said...

I hated this sucked some kind of sour frog ass.

Blake said...

I know its bad, every fiber in me tells me that its gonna suck monkey balls.

But it has G1's......I will probable pick it up years from now in the bargain bin.


ShittyShitLips said...

Is that for real? Seriously? G1's? F. I might have to pick this up too.