Monday, August 24, 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum for $39.99$

So Breaking news for us Gamers. I little bird told me, lets call him, "LLiW" ( I know, not very subtle).


So after I posted this, I got all kinds of feedback, and if there was one constant with all the feedback it was this. THEY WERE ALL DIFFERENT!!

People saying this was planned, others saying it was a screw up on Wal-marts fault. Others saying its a price driving plan by Wal-mart to push the prices of its competitors. There's going to be lawsuits from the game developers, Its not just Wal-mart, other stores will be dropping the price, but Wal-mart started it. It was a miscommunication, the price drop is gonna be for a couple of days,etc.

Regardless, the game is gonna be 39.99$ for tomorrow. THAT MUCH I AM SURE OF, SO GO GET IT!!


Bank3rDude said...

Hey as a fellow cheap ass broke gamer...I say bring it on. REmeber when CD technology was coming out and EGM ran articles about how the days of price gouging were gone since CDs were so cheap to I guess in a sense I am torn...I believe the devs should get their due...but on the other hand why must gamers get screwed in the take into acct the fact that if you make the technology cheaper, more people will embrace it. Hey I got Batman Arkham Asylum for 39.99 instead of 69.99 that I had pre-purchased it for....WOOT!!!