Sunday, June 14, 2009

Demo Day!!

I rarely download demos. But I have finished my last game that I was playing and didn't want to start a new one, since Ghostbusters is coming out this Tuesday. So I figured a day of playing demos will do. So here is what I played and what I thought of them.

1) Pixel Junk Monsters.

Yeah, I heard about this game on the PSN awhile back, heard that it was a must play PSN game.
And yeah, it probable is. Its a fun little RTS of your guy running around and building weapons out of trees to stop the monsters from reaching your village. The tutorial does a great job of setting you up to play the first level. I must say that I really enjoyed the demo.

The fact that I can do co-op is also a great thing. I am just not that interested in it, not that its a bad game. I just don't want to play it. Maybe some day. Play the demo and give it a try.

2) FaceBreaker.

A cute little boxing game, or so I thought. The tutorial does a great job of setting you up for the demo level. I gotta say that I really loved the game. (for the first 10 min) After you get over the neat style and feel of the game, you realize that its just block, high and low with a high and low punch. Follow it up with a breaker punch that will do a certain thing depending on how high your meter is. Then is just timing all your blocks to match the CPU punches to fill the meter.

There's really not allot to do. This game reminds me of Celebrity Death Match. Its a great game to play with a friend for about 15 min. See all the gags, but after that, there's really not much else. OH!!... it has a create a fighter, but the depth of this is unknown, because its just a demo. I made Kim Kardashian in Fire pants. Try it you want, it is fun for about 10 min, and that's all you really want from a demo, right?!

These Video's are funny has hell, really, its pixar quality comdey. Give it a look over. The russian, "sometimes 2 woman"..hehehehehe

3) Hail to the Chimp

The game started up, and guess who has their hands in it??...That's right, the same people who made Turning Point, Fall of liberty, CODE MASTERS. But regardless of that, I mean you can't blame a studio for being crappy for 1 game. But this makes 2 crappy games, so now you can start blaming.

I didn't like the look of the game, nothing about this game interested me at all. The premise is a bunch of mini games you can play online or with friends and they all have politics has their base point.

I played this shit for about 3 min, then turned it off and deleted it. Good God Man!!!! Who comes up with this and thinks its fun!!!! Don't even bother with this piece of shit.

4) WWE Legends of WrestleMania

Well, I own the legends of wrestling 2 for the ps2. I like the old nostalgia stuff from the 80's. I'm a 80's kid, what can I say. Even though I haven't watched wrestling in about 19 years, I still have a soft spot for the classic stuff. Even having the Rock and Steven Austin in the game is too far ahead for me. I would have preferred everything from 89 and below.

Its a wrestling game that has a different take on it, it has quicktimed events that give you a certain amount of time to do counters, finishers and a bunch of other moves to execute.

Its different, I don't know if I am entirely sold on this new gameplay. But its not bad. The other thing is that the style is .......I just don't like it. The models look good, but they rebuilt all the wrestlers to have huge upper bodies. I mean Andre the Giant has no GUT! I would prefer to see the flabby wrestlers of the 80's. Give me back my flabby Andre!!!

What was funny,at one point in the game, I choked slammed Andre the Giant. CHOKE SLAMMED. Lifted Andre the Giant UP!!!by this neck into the air with 2 hands. WTF!! That was pretty funny. Considering that you couldn't slam Andre the giant, let alone lift him up by his neck!!

This is a game that I want. But I am not buying at full price. I am entirely happy to wait a few years and then get it in the bargain bin. Sold, I'm getting this 2012.

A Great video of Ted "The Million Dollar Man" Dibiase.

5) Command and Conquer : Red Alert 3, Ultimate Edition.

The last time I played a C&C game was in 1996. I really enjoyed it, and the theme for C&C are awesome. I downloaded at least 2 versions of the song, its BADASS!!!

This game is BADDASS, First off, it has Tim Curry in it, He is just scary in anything. He could be playing Santa and all the kids be shitting their pants. "no mommy, I don't want anything this year!!!" It also has the Russian guy in the movie Armageddon who says the line," Russian components, American components, All made in Taiwan!!" Then this other guy who I can't remember his name in that movie that I forget, but once you see his face , you would go, "OHHHHHH, that guy, .....yeah, I don't know him either, but I seen him before"

Anywho, the story in this is so awesome, really tongue and cheek. The cut scenes are fantastic. The look of the game is great, the tutorial is fun and entertaining. If you are going to buy a RTS this year, then this should be the one. Controls are solid, this is a all around great game. I can't say anything bad about it.

oh wait, I can.....I'm sure this game will get stupid hard towards the end. I remember the last time I played this. I kept running out of money and losing all my troops. I will probable pick this up at some point. It also has co-op, that sounds fun. The demo is a great sell.

Here some versions of the theme. The first one real picks up at 0: 35 in. But I like the build up.

This second one, its only the frist 3 min or so I like. The techno I really don't like.

And finally the version used for the latest installment. More heavy metal I guess. Its ok, I like the first one the best.

That was my demoing for the day. It was great fun, crappy games and all.


Loner Gamer said...

I feel compelled to jump in and defend Codemasters in regards to Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. They only acted as the publisher of that game and the developer was actually Spark Unlimited. Sure, Codemasters should take a bit of a blame for publishing that game but they like to take risks and I like publishers that do so because they normally end up releasing a number of unique games in the process.

Funny comment amount Andre the Giant. I guess they should have been more careful when they were designing that game lol.

Blake said...

beans and toast